No jail for the drunk driver who hit Gardai in a high-speed chase in a car with only three tires

A drunk-driver who collided two patrol cars while leading Guardai in a high-speed chase through two counties has been given a suspended sentence at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

He heard in court that Mark Fox (29) was driving with only three tyres, while the fourth wheel had no tyres, causing sparks from the rims as he was chased by several patrol cars and a Garda helicopter on May 9, 2021 it was done.

Gardai described Fox throwing bags of white powder, which he suspected was cocaine, through his open car door, as he stopped at Klein Road in Caldare, 100 km from Dublin city centre, before finally stopping at Selbridge. was driving at a speed of more than an hour.

The Millicent, Klein, is initially resisted by Kildare’s Fox and tells Gardai. “I wanted to crash and kill myself and take you with me,” but later apologized and fully cooperated with the investigation.

He pleaded guilty to eight charges, including two counts of endangerment, three counts of dangerous driving, drunken driving, driving without a license and resisting arrest.

Garda Sonya Scali told prosecutor Edward Ducey BL that Garda’s attention was first drawn to the sound of steel on the cement and sparks emanating from the wheel rims of a Nissan Qashqai in Dublin city centre.

When the car broke a red light on Dame Street, an unmarked patrol car followed it around College Green and activated the blue light, signaling the car to go inside.

Fox pulled into Westmoreland Street, but did not open his door and suddenly accelerated, proceeding at a speed south, where he broke several red lights and broke a taxi-driver’s wing mirror .

A second patrol car joined the chase at Kilmenham and saw Fox blowing white powder out the door, throwing his mobile phone out the window and crossing back and forth between lanes. A Garda helicopter joins them as Qashqai rams into a Garda Ford Mondeo.

Gda Skelly stated that Fox veered into the path of oncoming traffic and collided with a second Garda car on Klein Road, wrongly around an intersection, before heading to Barberstown Castle, where both vehicles stopped.

The entire incident lasted for 30 minutes and lasted for 28 km, the court heard.

Fox was tested and found to have nearly three times the legal driving limit of alcohol in his system. The court heard that the Qashqai was considered dangerous and defective because it was driven on three wheels.

Fox had five previous convictions from district court, including making threats and abusive behavior and driving without insurance. He was disqualified from driving at the time of the offense and only had a learner’s permit at the time.

GDA Skelly defended Peter Le Vert telling BL that after a few days Fox had no memory of what had happened and was shocked when told.

Mr Le Vert said his client had suffered mental health issues for a long time when he was subjected to “frequent attacks” from a family member aged five to 12. The court heard that the charges were directed against this family member. away before the process ends.

Mr. Le Vert said that after the crime, Fox’s long-term partner gave him an ultimatum, and he has been sober and free of drugs ever since.

Several testimonials were provided to the court, including a letter showing that Fox works full-time as a general operator with Dublin City Council, where he is doing extremely well, and that he is working with his mother. Helps those whose health is poor.

Another letter from a community official praised Fox for the great support given to local children, especially a child who had suffered a major stroke.

“He is capable of not only fixing his own issues, but also of saving someone in distress,” Mr. Le Vert said, adding that Fox had not received any adverse attention since the crime. Is.

Judge Martin Nolan sentenced him to three-and-a-half years, which he suspended in its entirety “because of and because of Fox’s mental health problems.”

He said Fox had expressed remorse and shame and was “a good community person” with a good work history. Fox was disqualified from driving for five years.