‘No pueden impedir que viajemos a Taiwan’ – Meczyki

China no aislará a Taiwan impidiendo que los funcionadores estadonisados viagen a la islasaid the President of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiThis Friday in Tokyo, the last stop of an Asian tour marked by a visit to the island that angered China.

Beijing has tried to isolate Taiwan, indicated Pelosi, including recently, al impedir que la autónoma entre en la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

“Pueden tratar de impedir que Taiwan visite o participate en otros lugares, pero no islarán a Taiwan impidiendo que voyagemos there”, manifesto defending a visit that, according to some, has raised the tension in the region.

Pelosi calificó esa affirmación de “ridícula” y apuntó que su viaje a la isla no pretendía altera el statu quosino Mantener La Paz en el estrecho de Taiwan. Además, he praised the struggle for Taiwanese democracy, as well as its advances in diversity and its technological and entrepreneurial success, and criticized China’s violations of commercial agreements, the proliferation of arms and human arms.

“If we don’t talk about human rights in China for commercial interests, we lose all moral authority to talk about human rights in any other place in the world,” he said. “China tienen algunas contradicciones: algunos avances en cuanto a la mejora de su población y algunas cosas horribles en cuanto a.” Los Uighurs. De hecho, se ha calificado de genocide”.

Pelosi pointed out that “los two grandes países” — the United States and China — must communicate in areas such as the climate and other global issues. “No se trata de que nuestra visita deter cuál es la relación entre Estados Unidos y China.

Our friendship with Taiwan is solid. It is bipartisan in the House and in the Senate, with overwhelming support for peace and the status quo in Taiwan”, he added.

Pelosi, who is the first House President to visit Taiwan in 25 years, said Wednesday in Taipei that Washington’s commitment to democracy in the island and other parts of the world “is still ironclad.”

La alta funcionaria y otros cinco members del Congreso llegaron a Tokio el jueves en la noche tras visitar Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea del Sur.

China, which maintains that Taiwan is part of its territory and threatens to annex it if necessary, has called its journey de provocation and on Thursday initiated military maneuvers, which include conciliation, lactic acidosis and lactic acidosis. que podrienne ser las mayores desde medidad de la decada de 1990.

Pelosi pointed out that China had launched “attacks using probably nuestra visita como excusa”.

Earlier this Friday, the prime minister of Japan, Fumio tensedHe said that the Chinese military exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan represent a “serious problem” that threatens the peace and security of the region, following the launch of five ballistic missiles during it. operativo e.coneroncómica japoncéo .

Kishida, que habló tras su desayuno con Pelosi y la delegación estadounidense, dijo que hay que “frenar de immediato” el lanzuz de missiles.

For his part, the Japanese Minister of Defense, Nobuo Kishi, said that five projectiles fell on Thursday in the exclusive economic zone near Hateruma, an island in the extreme south of the country. In addition, he indicated that Tokyo protested before Beijing claiming that the missiles are “grave threats to the national security of Japan and the security of the Japanese people, and we condemn them energetically”.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan pointed out later that it believed that another four miles, shot from the coast of Fujian, in the southeast of China, flew over Taiwan.

In the last years, Japón has reinforced its capacity of defense and the presence of soldiers in the southeast of the country and in remote islands like Okinawa, which is about 700 kilometers northeast of Taiwan. Muchos residents have expressed their concern because the island is quickly involved in any issue related to Taiwan. Okinawa hosts the majority of the approximately 50,000,000 American soldiers who have defected to Japan as part of a bilateral security pact.

Durante el desayuno, Pelosi and the legislative delegation adboraron también su Preoccupation shared de seguridad sobre China, Corea del Norte y Rusia, and they committed to work for peace and stability in Taiwan, said Kishida. The American representative also met with his Japanese counterpart, Hiroyuki Hosoda.

Está previsto que los ejercicios china, en las que participan la Armada y la Fuerza Aérea, entre otros departamentos, terminen el domingo. involved in Ataques con misiles a objetivos en las aguas al norte y al sur de la islaLo que recuerda a las ultimas grandes maneuvers con las que Beijing buscó intimidate a los ledes y votantes en Taiwan en 1995 y 1996.

Taiwan has put its army on alert and implemented civil defense simulacra, while the United States has numerous naval assets in the area.

Beijing also flew war planes to Taiwan and blocked citrus and fish imports.

China and Taiwan, which were divided in 1949 after a civil war, do not officially maintain a diplomatic relationship, but they have commercial ties for thousands of dollars.