Nola’s Johar defeated the Phillies 2-1

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Aaron Nola came within one of a shutout, and the Philadelphia Fleet forced the Athwarta Braves to split 2-1 in their four-game series on Sunday.

Nola allowed four hits and nine outs in 8/3 innings. Jane Segura hit a solo homer at number four and made a crucial defensive stop at number seven, which helped the Atlanta runner to third. Philadelphia infielder Ronald Torres came in at number eight, and it proved to be important when Atlanta’s Rally Ninth in Atlanta went deep with two depths to chase Novella.

Ranger Suarez finalized for the fourth save of the season.

“I really threw my best (season game) today,” Nola said. “I was more in tune with everything.” And coming from a game like losing to Atlanta 15-23 on Saturday was a big deal.

Breeze got off to a strong start with right-hander Toki Toussaint, who scored 10 runs, one run and five runs in seven innings. Riley hit three of Atlanta’s four hits, including two doubles.

“It’s an interesting game,” Toussaint said. “It was 1-0. I made a mistake, they hit it.”

Nola (7-6) had previously struggled since June 1 with a 6.10 ERA in her last eight starts. He also missed two starts due to the search for a link to COVID-19.

On Sunday, he was effective in getting light contact and strike out against the Bruce line-up, who had scored 15 runs and 17 runs on Saturday night.

“That’s why he’s one of the best players in the game,” said Bryce Snyder, Breeze manager. “It was a good game. This is the lentils of an old-fashioned pot. You don’t often see that. “

Eleven of Atlanta’s first 12 outs came from strikes or dramas produced by Philadelphia infielders.

“It all started with his fastball location and it’s really great today,” said Fleis manager Joe Gerrard.

The biggest challenge for Nola came in at number seven. The rally label doubles the difference in the center field. However, he was unable to score when he threw at Segura’s diving stop and hit Dansby Swanson out of the first inning. Nola popped Ibrahim Almonte to the left of the left, and Guillermo Heredia finished third in the field.

“It was an incredible game,” Nola said. “It gave me a chance to get out of the inning.”

Twentieth (1-1) matched Nola Pitch for most of the batch time. However, his lone mistake came when Segura turned the split finger fastball into fourth and put him in the front row of the left field bleachers for a 1-0 lead for the sixth homer of his season. ۔

Torres extended his lead to eighth when he hit his fourth homer of the year – coming from Atlanta reliever Chris Martin. It gained momentum when Riley turned to Nola’s fastball for his 17th homer of the season to end the soutout bid. Suarez came to attack Swanson and end the game.

Trainer’s room

Braves: LHP Drew Smiley suffered no structural damage to his left knee, which he injured early on Saturday night. Today is that day.

Fleis: Travis Jankowski, who was added to the list of injuries related to Kwid on Sunday, has become the seventh Philadelphia player since July 11 to replace Mickey Monique on the roster to replace Jhankowski. O Lehai was called back from the valley. RHP Chase Anderson was removed from the list of code-related injuries, which has been running since June 10.

Next next

Braves: Open five game sets at the New York Mets on Monday with a double header. Kyle Mرller (1-3- B) and Bryce Wilson (2-3-2) are starting for Atlanta.

Fleas: Start a four-game home series against Washington on Monday. Spencer Howard (0-2) defeated Citizens Joe Ross (5-8)


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