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It seemed that the merchants of Bursátiles and financiers did not resist the “manatazo” that the Fed had made one of the days with the elevation of the interstices.

From the concoction of deciduous trees, include various mercados accionaris fueron to arriba and I wonder if he deserved the impact The economy is growing.

Pues no fue así.

Apenas ayer se comenzó a percibir el dolor that could affect the economy of Central American banks.

Pero, además, coincidió con la Negative emissions of negative indicators for the North American economy.

The theme of the fund is that the mandala señales de viene una recesión.

For example, the sales of minimalist retreats in May at 0.3 per cent for the first time since the 2020s.

Escir, empirize the notarial seas claras de que The economic activity is growing. As the prognosticator who gave the Fed, a creature of apenas 1.7 because he knows this, is expecting a notice.

The problem is more serious than this es de carácter politico.

And the mayor riesgo tiene que ver con estados unidos.

He commented perfectly on the last days The unpopularity of Dale President Joe Biden está en los minimos de todo su mandato And also in the other quadruple the president has said that he will have these executions.

As with any democratic regime, the results of the goblin’s actual influence on the intentions of your elected officials.

In November this year it was renewed in its totality of the camera of the representatives and a trio of United States citizens.

The indications indicate that The Camara Baja de los Estados Unidos tendrá mayoría republicana a partir de las elecciones del próximo mes de novimber.

The implication is that it would be virtually impossible to pass any relevant relevant information from the bidder and this means that the process of debitability will continue for a long time.

Y si hay una recession in the camino, Biden va derecho al precipicio.

But, verbally prequupant is what The prospect of the Republic is more clear than that of Donald Trump.

This is incremental, but there is a saying that there was a paradox for democracy in the world that could happen by the second time in the presidency of the Republic which Absolutely your intention to promote Norteamerican democracy.

If treated simply as a feminist politico seriously succinctly and preoccupied with entering the world, traces the experience of the 2017-2021 period in which Trump was elected to the presidency of the United States.

But, a return to this position, with the visionary republican, will be critical to the world and various plans.

Seguramente Change your political respect to Ukrainequitando el respaldo y crendo las condiciones para que rusia tomara el control del país.

It is possible to abandon the OTAN Allegedly Russia tomar also took control of Suecia and Finland.

Podría volver a retirar a Estados Unidos de diversos organismos internacionales, Abandon the energy politicizing politicsThe globe is full of effects.

In the case of Mexico, depending on the result of the junior elections of 2024, we will have a new hope. Change the regulation of T-MEC Since the process of the first revision of the Treaty of Tratado, creating a new situation incredibly.

Of course there are more things. Solo pongo sobre la mesa las more evidentes.

An economic recession that would actually push Trump to the Casa Blanca for the second time is a promise for the world, but specifically for Mexico.