Notting Hill Carnival Parade, festival’s first, ‘sums up Glastonbury’

Visitors to the Glastonbury Festival say that the Notting Hill Carnival Parade, the festival’s first ever, sums up the event at Worthy Farm perfectly.

Arab dancers in bikinis and feather headdresses marched through the Worthy Farm grounds on Thursday after a new partnership was announced this year between the annual street party in Notting Hill, London, and the Somerset Festival.

Starting from Block9, the nightlife area that hosts this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, a lively procession has meandered through the roads connecting the Glastonbury stages.


Glastonbury held its first carnival in Notting Hill (Pennsylvania)

The parade was joined by colorful stilt walkers, some with skeletal or multicolored faces, a large beetle-shaped truck, and a truck with more than a dozen steel-paneled musicians. got to see.

“People are dancing, everyone is having a great time, everyone is following them, it’s great,” financial consultant and festivalgoer Holly Roe-Roberts told PA news agency.

The 31-year-old from Colliers Wood in London stumbled upon the parade with her friends Alex Evans, a 37-year-old plumber, and Nicholas Ziupra, a 28-year-old airline pilot from Nottingham.


Nicholas Ciupra, Alex Evans and Holly Roe-Roberts enjoy their time at the Glastonbury Festival (PA)

“(Displays like this) are one of the best things about Glastonbury because we’re heading to Shangri-La but you get stopped by something like that and you might never make it,” Mr Evans added.

Chiara Beck of Newcastle said that stumbling upon the parade “sums up Glastonbury”.

“Just a lot of joy, a lot of fun and random things that you don’t expect – that’s Glastonbury,” she told PA.


Notting Hill Carnival performers march on stilts (Yui Mok/PA)

Also among the wackiest spectacles at Glastonbury on Thursday was a comedy performance by comedian Paul Curry on the platform at the east end of the festival.

Dancing on stage in a short white dress, the 48-year-old artist from Newtonabbie in Belfast had hundreds of audiences sing along to famous songs reimagined to refer to his two panda hand puppets, including the words “Wow, Black Betty, panda hands.” the melody of the 1977 Ram Jam hit.

“It’s just fun and just joy, trying to bring some joy into the adult world,” he told PA after his performance.


Comedian Paul Curry wore a white dress to his performance at Glastonbury Thursday, Pennsylvania.

“This is the essence of Glastonbury and this should be the meaning of life… (if it were) we wouldn’t be bombing each other all the time.”

Mr Curry, who performs twice a day at Glastonbury, said he was inspired by the early performances of American comedian Steve Martin and the children he teaches at a circus school in Belfast.


Mr. Curry said he was inspired by the American comedian Steve Martin and the kids he teaches at the circus school in Belfast, Pennsylvania.

“I owe a lot of my inspiration to kids between the ages of two and seven… they come up with just brilliant gold all the time, and I sort of make mental notes,” he said.