O! Vienne más inflación – Meczyki

There is no hubris. The Juventus of the Mexican Bank of Mexico recently received an increase in its reference rate by 0.75 points per cent, as it was prevailing.

S. Increasing individual more than all of history.

The new quadruple at 7.75 per cent, the most from 2019.

In this case there is no hiccup. The decision was made unanimously.

Algo que tambacién destaca en la communicionón del banco Central ES su previsión de una mayor inflación para los próximos meses.

De Hecho, to consider The higher the point of inflation en este año llegará en the third trimester of año with a 8.1 per cent.

Ayer, the INEGI gave the conqueror that in the first quintessence of the junior year the annual fue of 7.88 by ciento, the more alta hasta ahora en este ciclo inflacionario.

Increasing the productivity of the products that you have made in a 12-point case and specifically in the agro-products that are created by the 14-point plan.

As many observers commented, it was practically invincible that the conjunction of mediated anomalies by the goblins in the early days of May be very successful to contain the precision of the precision.

At the end of the day, the goblins implement it implicitly in order to find out if there are any additional medical studies that will be conducted sooner or later.

The heck out there is now that he doesn’t have the content of the precision and that the inflation is romping around every now and then.

What is it that we can expect in these months? ¿Hay algún conejo que el gobierno o el Banxico puedan sacar de la chistera para detener esta alza?

Tengo que decirle que no hay magia que pueda hacerse ahora to contain the creations of the precise.

The only recourse that is to make the demand from the demand and treat the offer with the mediums like the ones that are still there (accept the import without sin) and that will give privacy to the private, private video, private video to establish in the middle of nowhere.

Falta ver si en este entorno son suficientes o mandan al país a freir espárragos.

Hay dos riesgos adicionales que se corren cuando vemos una inflación como la actual.

The first thing is The expectation of an elevated inflation array And the contradictions, for example, from the laboratory of the character, try to negotiate on the basis of this perspective, which can lead to a spirited inflection, the style of the concomitants in the decadence of the 700 delosses.

View I can hear the dialogue with the syndicate organizations de todos los signos y alto el riesgo de que tengamos presiones salariales explosivas.

The second is que The ritual of creating the precision of the economy.

Los Sectors con a high concentration and the empires with the mercado elevators, We can adjust the algae to the precision With more speed that other sectors suggest the mayor competence or mayor regulation.

Podemos tener un cuadro en l que se los monopolios las que puedan tener la Sartén por el mango mientras que otros sectors tengan que ajustarse a las terminos de la competencia.

A la larga, This can lead to economic inefficiency.

However, we are not aware of the testicles of the largo plazo.

The theme of the fund is how to keep the inflation in check for months.

This is what influences politicians in the past, salvo los del baseball, que son los que more importan al actual gobierno.

And all, the prognostication of the analysts and the Banxico is that the infallibility is ready for arriba.

Se trata de All the descriptions of the AMLO goblin.

Much poco puede hacer.

The chiste can not be attached to any chistera.

In this way, in these moments, the realization of reality came by imponerse.