Of course this is about IPL but I have a lot of sympathy with Indian players: Nasir Hussain

Former England captain Nasir Hussain has said that the second half of IPL 2021 played a key role in canceling the fifth Test between India and England.

Hussain felt that the BCCI was worried about huge financial losses if the IPL had to be further postponed if the players were to sign a contract in the 19th over during the Manchester Test.

Nasir Hussain, speaking. Sky Sports., Commented on the canceled match. he said:

“Initially, the BCCI was always very concerned about this Test match. They wanted everything to ensure that the IPL was a huge financial issue that hung over Indian cricket. Already moved it, then moved it halfway.Of course, it’s about the IPL, but it’s about the players who are thinking: If they get positive here now, I’ll have 10 more today. Will have to do the day.

The second phase of the IPL will start on September 19 with a match between CSK and MI in Dubai.

“Physio would have been treating the injuries of all the players before the fifth Test match” – Nasir Hussain

After that, Nasir Hussain expressed sympathy with the situation of Indian players and highlighted their point of view. In this regard, he said:

“I have a lot of sympathy for the Indian players as they had two physios who tested positive for the Covedition 19. The other would have been treating all the players’ body injuries before the fifth Test match. Without close contact. Get physiotherapy. Even if these players have tested negative twice, the incubation period means that they are worried that they will test positive for two or three days in a test match and three or four players will go down.

Both the physios of Team India recently had a positive test for Code-19. Many players may have come in contact with the physios, and as a result they did not want to continue the match as more cases could come to light during the test.

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