Ohtani hits 35th HR above MLB, now faces Rockies


Shohi Ohtani has done this all season, from starting the All-Star Game to guiding big companies at home to throwing heat at 100 miles per hour.

So with the weekend not being missed at Fenway Park, Target Field and Mint Made Park, will the two-way thrill of the Angels be the next pitcher to push it forward?

Ohtani (4-1, 3.21 ERA) will start the extra day comfortably when Los Angeles hosts Colorado. Fellow All-Star German Marquez (8-7, 3.50) arrives on the pitch for the Rockies.

Ohtani scored his 35th home run in a win in Minnesota on Sunday. He is getting off to a fast start in which he played six hit-out innings of three hits and was dismissed for eight in Auckland.

This year the Majors have seven nine-hitters, short of an MLB record set in 1884, allowing overhand pitching in the first season.

Minus mocky

The Dodgers will be without All-Star right fielder Mookie Bates for at least a few more days.

The move was reversed on Thursday after he was placed on a 10-day injury list on Sunday with inflammation of his right hip. He last started in Colorado on July 17 and last appeared in a game on Monday when he pinched against San Francisco.

The Dodgers were avoiding an IL move for the Bates, initially offering to return on Tuesday to start a three-game series in San Francisco.

Bates is batting at .870 with .876 OPS and 14 home runs and 40 RBIs.

Get in

Leading NL East Mets and Braves could increase their pitching staff this week as they play double-headers to start a five-game series at Cityfield.

Marcus Strawman (7-8, 2.59 Era) is the opener for the Mets, who want to advance the Flies by four games and the Braves by five games.

Mets S. Jacob de Groom is making progress in recovering from a strain in his right arm, but the next step has not yet been decided.

Carlos Carrasco may be ready to join the Mets after a strong recovery on Sunday for the Triple-A Syracuse. Carasco, 34, scored six runs and no one came out in two hitball three-score innings. He has recovered from a hamstring injury and has been sidelined all season.

Trade Windsurfing

With the MLB trading deadline approaching this Friday, Red Sox manager Alex Cora expects to see a lot of deals, as well as a lot of crazy rumors.

“I feel like the teams that are hunting are going to do something, including us,” he said.

“How big? We’re going to see. Everyone has been talking about it all week. Everyone will react to every game. If a team doesn’t move, they need a bat.” If a team doesn’t take the pitch, they need an early pitcher. If the Bulldogs have the upper hand, they need a dismissal.

Kora, who has outside experience as an analyst, also said not to believe everything you say.

“That’s the part that really helped me stay in the media all these years,” he said. Eighty-five percent are rumors, he said. I saw him. “


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