Ola de Violence deja 10 ejecutados en Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, included 2 menors – Meczyki

Habitats of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, localized up to 100 kilometers from the capital of Chihuahua, live moments of tension ante la ola de violencia provocada por mimembros del creamn organizedwith ascendants, “levantones”, extorsions and incendiaries of negos.

The onslaught of violence from the dooming side with the homicidal of six people, Between those who meet a child of 10 years and an adolescent of 17. Apenas esta mañana, las autoridades reportaron el hallazgo de otros tre cadáveres.

Han Registrado El Menos from Del Lonas El Pasado Mercoles There are three indications that indicate that they are provokedTwo lives and one in a lot of used vending machines, because the proprietor escaped without the possibility of being aggravated.

On the wrong lapso, las autoridades Register 15 men reports de antenato de extorsión telefónica.

Anusha La Policy Municipal added to the publicity of Chihuahua “No interference” el passo de sus unidadesque mantienen patrullajes en señal de alerta.

It is possible that the gente is asombre, but it is because of its security. We started compiling ”, according to the text sent to WhatsApp and local reporters.

Suman 10 ejecuciones en Ciudad Cuauhtémoc

The tranquilidad del pasado domingo fue interrumpida by caliber arrowheads In the sector sure of the city, when a hombre, veterinary profession, was assessed by the hombres disconnected.

Find the victim in your community en el cruce de las calles Matamoros y 14Cuando fue sorprendido por los disparos.

A las pocos minutes, The group of delinquents dispersed against a group of young people that embryaga embryagantes, en cruce de las calles Presa La Amistad y Presa Rosetilla, de la colonia ExAgrícola San Antonio.

Accompanied by the first investigations, the criminal pretended to attack a single person, but try to escape and disperse in the group, enter those who met a child of 10 years. Translate that the rest of the Falconcid laboratories like journaleros en las huertas manzaneras de región.

La Madrugada de East Javis, The other three young fucons were born without carcasses of carrotro entranc that communicates with this city with the municipality of Carichí. Una de las ahora víktimas, fue “levantada” el martes pasado, las otras do tarde de ayer.

Sus cuerpos presentaban evidentes huellas de torturaHerids for disposal of fuego armament and tenacity in the abdomen las latras “GNT” (Gente Nueva del Tigre), marcadas con un fierro de herrar.

Incendian casas y extorsionan vía telefónica

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El sineestro fue reported in las calles Texcoco between 32 and 34, of the colony Tierra and Libertad, donde al manos cinco automóviles resultaron con pérdida total.

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Además, a report from the Directorate of Public Security Municipal Revel that has reported more than 10 denominations for attempts at extras and telephony.In addition to the delicacies that will be integrated into the Certel de Jalisco or the Certel GNT, there will be excellent deposits of up to 50 million pesos.

Alarming Situation Authorities have not been informed about the location of the missing person. con estos hechos.