Olympic athletes warned against hugging each other on the podium

Olympic officials have warned Tokyo athletes to hug each other if they are invited to the podium to accept a medal.

After winning medals in some swimming competitions at the awards ceremony on Sunday, the International Olympic Committee reminded the winners of the COVID-19 protocol.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said, “We urge everyone to abide by the rules, regardless of who your stakeholder is,” adding that this should be for sports and everyone involved. It is necessary.”

Athletes were also told to wear their masks, stay on their podiums and keep a safe distance from other medalists.

Silver medal-winning Canadian women's 4x100 freestyle relay team celebrates on the podium at the 2020 Summer Olympics on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at the podium at the San Francisco, Rebecca Smith, Margaret McNeil and Penny Ulysses.
At the 2020 Summer Olympics, the Canadian women’s 4,100 freestyle relay team celebrates at the podium with Kayla Sanchez, Rebecca Smith, Margaret McNeil and Penny Olyssiak.
AP Photo / Mathis Schrader

“It sends a strong message so please follow the playbook. We understand that there is excitement and we feel for the players but unfortunately, we have had to tighten the rules,” Adams said in a statement. Said

Among those who violated the rules was American gold medalist swimming chase college, who took off his veil and embraced silver medalist Geo Lerland after making it to the men’s 400m medley.

“Ideally, I would wear it as much as possible. If I took off the mask on the podium, it was really because someone had a sign. ” Told ESPN.

On the second day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the men's Épée won silver medals at the individual fence gold medal bout ceremony, Georgie Schlossi of Hungary, Roman Cannon of France and Bronze of Ukraine. Medal-winning Igor Regin
Hungary’s Silver Medalist Georgie Schlossi, Team France’s Gold Medalist Roman Cannon and Team Ukraine’s Bronze Medalists who won the Pos Medium position on the podium during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Elsa / Getty Images
Animek Van Vallen of the Netherlands, Anna Kazen Hoffer of Austria and Alyssa Lango Borgini of Italy won bronze medals during the medal ceremony for the women's cycling road race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
On the podium during the women’s cycling road race medal event was silver medalist Vann Wheelen of the Netherlands, gold medalist Anna Kessenhofer of Austria and bronze medalist Alyssa Longo Borgini of Italy.
By Greg Baker / AFP via Getty Images

“I can’t speak for what proper protocol was, but he had a sign on the podium that said be masked, masked, so that’s what we did.”

A dozen swimmers from the 4x100m relay medal winning teams from Australia, Canada and the United States also hugged each other after Sunday’s final.

In Japan, Olympic organizers reported 127 COVID-19 cases this month, including 14 athletes.

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