Omar García Harfuch made coordination with the Civic Security Observer for attending meetings.

The titular de la Seguridad Ciudadana Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana en CDMX, Omar Garcia HarfachMade the coordinates that you have with them Observatorio de Seguridad Ciudadana Pro Mexico And as soon as the conjunction denounces the capital of the country.

“We are allowed to eat thanks, seeing the reunions that we have mesmerized, denouncing that we are still alive, the delusions of the bizarre impact también, but the enormity of relevance in the diary.”

But even in these reunions the present denotions of alto impact, robo aa habitat, ronta de droga, things much more than they are a matter of fact. lo commentaron “, sostuvo el titular de la Policía de CDMX.

Omar Garcia Harfach Search in between entries and representations of Observatory Ciudadanoinstrument for the jefa de gobierno, Claudia Schenbaum.

Lee el discurso completo de Omar García Harfuch

Much thanks for being here.

Salute with much respect to the vecins, the vecins that we accommodate, like the day Trini, much thanks to Trini. We also used the United Nations liderazgo in the colonies and with the vecins of our colonies that we are demostrado, that we have ayudado with this red de chat that we have corresponded to the nosotras mimeos de manera que manstual lanade.

This encounter, which was directed by the Jefa de Gobierno, Claudia Sheinbaum, who was constantly confronted with the demands and needs of everyone. Les mandó un fuerte saludo.

And we want to comment on the brewing that we are representing in this reunion. We represent the three ejaculations of an acre of politics with the cidadadanas that we have always been.

La Primera The Secretariat of Gobierno encapsulated by its titular el Metro. Martí Batres Guadarrama, who had a few minutes with him, saluted the mandate too. Send me a message, tell me that as soon as I can, I feel like a poco mal and my responsive se is a hassle of the old man, surely or he is the one, but I know him or she will tell you something unaware.

The Secret of Gobierno, encapsulated by its titular el Metro. Martí Batres Guadarrama, with whom we maintain an excellent coordination to realize various accusations and programs for the benefit of the city.

And he also wanted to comment on the Secretario Martí, the Subsecretario Ricardo Ruiz, the licensed Juan Gutiérrez, of Mtra. Duniya, son personas con un compromise social y una larga trayectoria de lucha por la justicia y defensa de los derechos de esta ciudad. Llevan is working hard for this city. There is a lot of experience, that this experience will allow us to solve the petitions of those who are not.

También está aquí Trini Belaunzarán, our Coordinadora of the Observatory of Ciudadana Security. Ustedes como Observatorio y ella en General han servido de puente entre las autoridades y la ciudadanía.

We just want to get some points out of what we have together, that we have a lot of money:

We are allowed to eat the dununcias, despise the reunions that we have mesmerized, the dununcias that are weeded by us, the delusions of the bajo impact también, but the enormous relevancia in the diary conviction. But in these reunions vecinales SE present present denotions of alto impact, robo a cuentahabiente, robo a casa habitaci ,n, venta de droga, cosas mucho more delicadas como las que hemos platicado una vez reunizonear. Include all the day-to-day problems of transit and validity as well as a comment.

We also attended political cases, authoritarian abuses, which we used with an appraisal that we would hardly solve any internal problems. Here is the Salvador Neri Commissar, who is the Asuntos Internos, who also did an extraordinary job with the misconceptions that his Secretariat had to investigate. The misconceptions are the ones that have the Internal Asuntos.

This collaboration with the Observer nos has given us a perspective more than the other cifra ne, de delitos que suceden y que muchas veces por alguna razón se se denuncian. And because we used to know these delicacies.

This makes us feel about our results and our limitations. We feel as if the Secretariat were evaluating the maneuver constantly, always recognizing that there was little to be done to ensure that the security dee would be a precaution for the gente and that there would always be forms of hacker measurement. Our responsiveness as policing is to find out how to deal with the issues, with the Observatory we are not allowed to respond to the best questions this is and we will correct our errors or change our strategies.

The other point is that the Observer has not noticed the demands of the people. We are confronted with the realities that much like we do not have policies and that thanks to us we can eat.

It is natural that the security of the genre is very skeptical and that there is a lot of confusion, that we have to deal with our problems, to make peace, to make peace, to meditate, to meditate, to meditate. confess también, enlasqueerossadosque enlasques cada uno de ustedes. But we will also grow and what we grow more is the rigor that we use to maintain while we execute. The rigor that we maintain for the sake of seeing when we do not have the things or when there is something in which we have to be better.

In this reunion this is represented by the Policía de la Ciudad de Mexico, están todos los mandos, a quien tengo el honor de encabezar. We want men and women to symbolize other political partners and for those who are very important to generate confidence in the policy, in the authority, in the honorability of the queens are the best of the life of the politicians.

We are very much aware that this type of contact with the society Civil Organida Beta is a prudence for us. That we retain constantly and we are obliged to follow the mano to create the paz in a society that we exige a diary.

We reunite to ratify the compromise that we have taken away from our capacities and continue with the institutional apology that this is a continual success and a blessing in disguise for the benefit of the citizens.

I would like to comment on Manera’s very brew that has the absolute security that everything we have to deal with Manera’s conjugation with the General Fiscalí of Justice. The Fiscal Ernestina God, apart from being a mujra sumamente compimentida, tiene un equipo también que todos los mandos que están tienen comunicación Permanente ko ellos hay mucos de. This is the instruction of Jefa de Gobierno, atender and darle cuenta de esta reunión y de cada una de las peticiones que hacemos.

I remember that when we heard that we were with the manera manesual, Trini lo sabe, algunos de ustees también, lo hamos komentado, todo la Jefa de Gobierno tiene conocimimento manera inmediata y nos evalúan. We want to be the first to evaluate, and now that we can say goodbye, we have Jefa de Gobierno and we have a lot of points to make about the fact that we are missing out on petitions no.

Muchísimas gracias neuvamente y quedamos a sus órdenes.