Once upon a time in towers

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I rub the electrodes, massage and reassure me. Pero me levanté por mí mismo

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Ahora sí, me dije, a brillar sobre el teclado. But before that I could buy two tortillas of the best ranchero. Apenas llegamos casa ya no me pude mover. Ni Bajjar del Carro. Tenía la parte derecha de la espalda toda contracturada. I called my confession to be patient if I was in consultation. Jalate, me dijo. Dejé a mi hija con los tortillones y me fui. The fishy ayudó a bajarme del carro. Qué te pasó, me dijo todo sorprendido. The conta that one llanta se había ponchado y que me eché la bici al hombro. Ah, cmo eres güey, me regañó. In the car. Hubieras hablado a un uber. The net is that there is not much pesaba, jamás calculé que me madrearia tanto.

Quote me vas a hacer, the question. Yes, response with indulgence. ¿Me vas a picar ?, me espanté. If you want to get enough of this moment, this is the only option, with therapy that will make you cry. I urgently need to recover the mobility, as it accords to the punctuation. The technique consisted of encapsulating an instrument that would provoke musculoskeletal problems. But more often than not a receipt of the light of a few millennia. I rub the electrodes, massage and reassure me. But I will leave because of my misunderstanding and pude agacharme without problem. This is adoloridisimo, but not for the contract, ahora was for the piquetes. Me subí al carro y me fui.

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