OpenReplay raises $4.7M for its open source tool to find bugs in sites – Meczyki.Net

When users on websites and apps discover they have a problem, developers have various tools to record them to find out what went wrong. But these can include cumbersome methods such as screenshots and back-and-forth emails with customers.

content class And Medallia There are products that primarily target marketers and product managers, rather than developers who need to know where apps are going wrong. Meanwhile, developers are using open source solutions, but they have their drawbacks.

open replay Similar to nginx in the sense that the software is available for free to developers and is self-hosted, meaning that the data cannot leave the company’s infrastructure, but is then paid for for additional services.

It has now raised $4.7M in a seed funding round led by Runa Capital with participation from Expa, 468 Capital, Ringhou founders and cofounders of Tekion.

OpenReplay provides developers with a session replay stack that helps them troubleshoot issues by creating debugging visuals, allowing developers to replay everything users do on their web apps and potentially Understandable where and why they got stuck, the company says.

Mehdi Osman, CEO and founder of OpenReplay, said in a statement: “While other Session Replay tools are targeting marketers and product managers, we focused on the people who actually build the product, the developers. Enabling it to be self-hosted on premises and without involving any third party to handle your user data, is a game changer.

OpenReplay will use the new funding to grow its community, accelerate deployment, and improve user experience.

Konstantin Vinogradov, principal at Runa Capital, based in Palo Alto, Calif., which has also invested in nginx, said: “We actively invest in companies creating open-source projects, especially when open-sourced. The model enables better products. OpenReplay is a great example of such an approach.”