Orchard apologized to the black family for calling the police and stealing six apples.

First of all, the couple says the experience was fun and they got great customer service, most of the staff was very “helpful”. The family even considered holding their daughter’s birthday party in the garden. Bowman says he was charged with theft as he walked through the apple orchard. “They decided to find my wallet,” Bowman explained. “That was the moment I realized it was probably not about some apples.”

“The manager never acknowledged that we have bands,” Jeff Myers, Bolman’s husband, a commercial real estate director, told News Outlet. “We paid to be there. We had a bag we paid for, we had a big green cup for which we paid. We told them over and over, we were here to buy more stuff. And after all that, he still said, ‘It’s my job to stop the theft.

It all happened in front of the couple’s 18-month-old child and 7-year-old child.

According to a letter posted by Bowman and her husband online, the family had six large apples, not in a pre-paid bag, which was placed under their one-year-old’s walker. The apple came out of the bag and sat in the walker with the bag.

The couple wrote in the letter, “I assumed we would have the opportunity to pay extra at our last checkout.” “With families being the main customers, of course, we can’t be the first apple that was picked more than some apples – six in our case.” The letter describes a security guard who searched Bowman’s wallet.

The letter described the officer as “temperamental”, but said he never took his position “seriously” and then accused the family of “playing race cards”. According to the family, the officer believed the farm’s position to be true rather than listening to both sides.

The farm first posted a statement on Instagram with an “apology”, adding that it reserves the right to search all bags, wallets and purses that come out of the garden. After a quick and appropriate social media response, Farm shared another apology.

“We’re sorry for what happened last weekend,” Farm said in a second apology. Statement “We personally apologize to the family. We train our employees to handle all customer issues with courtesy and respect at all times. We take further steps to ensure this.” Staff have been trained in diversity, equality and inclusion. Please know that everyone is welcome on our farm.

Town officials also apologized through A.K. StatementWriting in part, “Town apologized to the family for the disturbing experience in the local business and for the comments of a Denver employee.”

Talking to the local shop. WCVB Channel 5 Boston.Bowman called the incident an “attack” on his character, adding that his reputation as a public leader was important to him. The couple is most concerned about how the day affected their 7-year-old, however, Bowman said, “These are the small moments in an apple orchard that affect people’s lives. , Which shape them. “

The couple insisted. Blog post As well, writing, “By jumping straight on the assumption of theft, Connors Farm created a scene, harassed us and brought tears to the eyes of our 7-year-old, a pain that lasted well into the evening. We were shocked. Gone, was it ever about apples?

You can watch an interview with the couple below.

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