Orden lidrado por EU está terminado: Putin

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, declared the end of the “unipolar world” by the United States, pushing for the protection of the Occupied Territories “by all means”.

“The inner world order is terminated, independently of all the efforts of maintenance and conservation for all mediums. The change is a natural process of history”, expressed far beyond the International Economic Forum of San Petersburg.

Putin also called on the EU to create “the environs of God in the tier” of the “clamor victory in Guerra Fría” since the Soviet Union in 1991, because “the EU has no obligations, rules, contacts, esos intereses son sagrados “.

Advantage that “the recitas do not have any functions” and ignore the occasional incidents of ignoring the “revolutionary and tectonic changes” that consider “irreversibles”.

“Ellos, EU, we know that there are ultimate decadas in the planet and some of them are even more nuanced and porous, one of the few deserrols in our systems and systems. quales desrrollan sus sistemassústimas.

The inner world order is terminated, independently of all attempts to maintain and preserve for all mediums. The change is a natural process of history

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

We hope that these words will help the defender and guarantee his “national interests”: “Create that the hegemony of the occult in the political and economic world is a constant, it is eternal. Some are nada, some are sea etherno. We are not alone with the reality, since we are trying to obstruct the march of history, we think like in the past, we will rehearse our prophet mentiras ”.

To explain the Occidental Declaration, the record that the EU has become an exporter to an importing economy, that it has provoked a global economic crisis with its irresponsible political financing.

At the time of the European Union, it was considered that the so-called “soberaní politica” had taken its autonomy in favor of the EU.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person, especially in Ukraine.

Putin assumes that Russia has a number of occasions, such as “temerarias y dementes” and that its intentions are perceived to be paranoid. military OTAN

“In the actual situation, against a tracefund of creeds and creams, Russia decides to conduct a special military operation for the sake of (but) not necessarily. ONU, defender of your security ”, said.

Finally, the victory of Russia in Ukraine and Ukraine over 16 seasons combats: This is predetermined by the valor and the heroism of our guerrillas “.

Biden señala a Russia de agudizar crisis energética

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, asserted that the guerrillas in Russia and Ukraine must be able to change the renewable energy is an assertion of national security and clave to prevent globalization.

“Asalto brutal y no provocado de rusia contra su vecina Ukraine ha alimentado una Crisis energética mundial y ha agudizado la necesidad de lograr una seguridad energética confiable a largo plazo”, declares in the cumbre or lavirades lavi

This is the third convocation of Biden del Foro de las Principales Economis sober Energía y Clima, agregó que la buena nuticia es que la climatir se seguridad energética van de mano.

Enter the participants from China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the European Union, as in Egypt, which will be the first reunion of the ONU on the climax and the General Secretariat of the ONU, Antéres.

Biden reitaró su objetivo de reducir los precios de la gasolina, que promedian cinco delares el galón (3.78 liters) en EU, al taimpo que el país se aleja también de los combustibles fusiles para limitar el cambiosgo climásgo.

“This is always available at the market to sell the precautions for the old statues. But the critical point is that our accusations are part of our transition to a futuristic energetic limpio and secure or largo plazo”, expuso.

But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been hampered by the climatic conditions of Biden to the hacker that has dispelled the cost of gasoline. Encouraging political issues to reduce the precision in an intermediate election, the president deals with the refineries of state-of-the-art produces a lot of moments in which the misconceptions about the deceptions that cause misunderstandings para la lamado Energy Lampia.