Ordena Ukraine retirada de sus tropas en ciudad clave Sievierodonetsk

Kyiv.- Tras semanas de intensos combates, las fuerzas Ukrainian se retirarán de una ciudad asediada en el este del país para evitar su cerco, dijo el gobernador de la región este viernes.

The city of Sievierodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, has been bombarded with incessant bombings by part of the tropics of Moscow. Los soldados ucranians se infrentaron a los rusos en battalus puerta a puerta antes de retirarse a una gran planta quomica en las afueras de la ciudad, donde se atrincheraron en sus vastas architecturas subterráneas.

In the last days, the Russians have already realized the adventures in Torno in Sievierodonetsk and in the Vecina ciudad de Lysychansk, in an escarpada orilla al otro lado del río, in an attempt at rodier a rodier a Kie.

The governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Haidai, said that the sold-out Ukrainian received the order to abandon Sievierodonetsk for evacuation.

“Tendremos que retirar a nuestros hombres”, explicit. “I didn’t feel any quadrice in the destructive positions, because the number of bajas in the zonas mal fortificadas creasá cada dia”.

Haidai added that the Ukrainian troops “received the order to retrieve new positions and follow the rules”, but did not give more details.

Losychansk from Lysychansk des Zolote and Toshkivka, added to the gobernador, realized that unidades of reconciled Russian realizations incursions to the limits of the city, from the bottom of the fountains.

A point in a caricature that takes a Lysychansk sufrió graves daños tras un ataque aéreo ruso y quedó inutilizado para camiones, dijo Haidai. This offer does not automatically confirm the form.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia declares the veterans that there are several Ukrainian battalions and a unit of “mercenary extranjeros”, which has a total of 2 million effective

An attempt was made to capture the Capital, Kiev, in the first phase of the invasion which took place on 24 February, from the center of the Kremlin to the Donbás Region, where the ecclesiastical Ukrainian lucha 400,000.

The Russian government controls 95% of the population of Luhansk and resides in the territory of Donetsk, the two provinces that formed the Donbás, in the heart of the industrial deal.

From the pedigree of the armpits to the occasions of the Ventura of Russia in the county of Fuego, the Ministry of Defense, Oleksiy Reznikov, the deed of the resurrection.

A function of the defense of the United States confirms that many systems of artillery move, or HIMARS, prometidos estaban ya manos de las fuerzas ucranianas.

The United States approves the envelope of the system’s requirements for the final results of May and, one of the reasons that leads to the regiment, the tropes of Kiev require one to three seasons of formation. The projectors have an altitude of about 70 kilometers (45 miles).

Washington provides more than 450 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine, including many HIMARs, munitions and other administrations, including state-of-the-art functions.

For the other part, a function of the Governorate of the city of Jersón, on the other side of Ukraine, which was followed by the tropes of Moscow in the first days of the invasion, murmured at an explosion in Viennese.

Dmitry Savlyuchenko falls when his car explodes in what is described as a “terrorist attack”.

Nadie recalls the immediate responsibility of the attack.