Order In The House NI: How friends from Belfast turned decluttering craze into a thriving business

Throughout the pandemic, people across Northern Ireland have gotten a little closer to home during the lockdown.

the fact that they spent most of their time locked up in the house led to the growth of domestic organization and, as Marie Kondo put it, to the definition of what is joyful and what is not.

Spring cleaning has been taken to a whole new level as people have begun renovating their homes, painting their walls, and even discovering a newfound appreciation for label makers for creating the perfect “shelf” filled with glass jars filled with oats, pasta and rice that are proudly displayed in kitchens. around the world. country.

hit netflix, House Editover the past two years has also proved popular among the strong supporters of decluttering.

The show presented the benefits of storage tins, color coding and lazy Susan, which have become a staple in homes around the world, but a company that specializes in home organization across Northern Ireland proved that it doesn’t take a fortune to organize. your house.

Friends Claire Savage (39) and Lisa Skinner (40) launched Order In The House NI just over a year ago in April 2021 and offer a wide range of services to jaded homeowners looking for some sort of home structure.

Lisa said the lockdown has irrevocably changed the way people feel about their homes.

“It’s safe to say that over the past two years, we’ve all spent a disproportionate amount of time at home; our homes were inclusive, acting as our places of learning, work, exercise and entertainment,” she said.

“After we spent so much time, many of us have become disillusioned with what surrounds us. Claire and I were among those who felt disappointed; we were both busy working moms, Claire with two girls, me with three girls and a boy, and at the best of times it was difficult to keep all the plates in working order, including keeping the house in order, ”she said.
“We knew that if we felt that way, then others should do the same.”

Two women noticed how the housekeeping business was booming in America and sought to spread the trend across the Atlantic.

The couple have been trained by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organizers (APDO) based in England and are now qualified professional organisers.

“We have noticed that it has steadily started to rise in the UK, but so far no one has done it the way we wanted in Northern Ireland, so what started as a joke at the end of ‘Home Editing on a Budget’. An Instagram post led to a cup of coffee, and now a year has passed with our own professional organizing and decluttering business!” said Lisa.

“Twenty years ago, no one had a personal trainer, and now they are quite common.

“We believe that the same will happen with professional organizers in the future,” she added.

“While many of our clients hire cleaners, they need non-cleaners first and foremost, they want a good organization system that can be easily maintained long-term before committing to cleaning!”


Claire and Lisa work throughout Northern Ireland.

Claire and Lisa offer a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

From general home organization and decluttering—including living space redevelopment and creating work systems to ensure an organized home—to wardrobe detox (their most popular service) and workspace organization—there is something for everyone.

In addition to this, the couple also provide assistance during the move, including unpacking and helping optimize the contents of your existing home in preparation for moving into a new home, whether they’re downsizing or just looking for a whole new perspective.

Another service offered by Order In The House NI is “virtual purges” via Zoom and FaceTime to provide clients with a consulting service and “action plan” as well as important organization tips.

This service is still available, perhaps to people who live further afield, but Claire and Lisa are also looking to get their organization up and running, now meeting with clients face-to-face.

They also share their helpful tips and tricks on their popular Instagram blog with their 5,000 followers.

Claire, who lives in Bangor, explained that the work they do is not only important for creating a functioning home to keep it clean, but also for your mental health.

“The perception is that a cluttered space can often be stressful,” said the Co Down woman.

“However, managing the clutter routine is not an easy task, it takes time and often a fresh perspective to help us establish new organization systems and develop new habits.

“For these reasons, we are committed to helping clients create clear, functional yet stylish areas in their homes and workplaces; we want to make it easier for you to enjoy the places you live in every day and to ensure that they are peaceful and welcoming not only for you but also for those around you. We believe that transformed spaces can lead to lifestyle changes,” she added.

“It’s so good for your own well-being and productivity, and people are much more likely to seek help.”

The determined declutterers told The Belfast Telegraph that the kitchen is one of the most popular places in the home they are asked to help with.

“A lot of people are overwhelmed by years of mess and just don’t know where to start,” Lisa said.

“It often only takes a fresh look (or two pairs!) to inspire and motivate people to tackle the mess.”

Claire and Lisa first decant the entire contents of the kitchen, then clean up, then categorize the items before putting them back into the organized system for the client.

“It always gets worse before it gets better,” Lisa said.

“Kitchens seem to be the worst place for clutter. Everyone has one of those trash cans and places in the kitchen where little things are constantly collected.

“We tend to spend most of our lives in the kitchen and living areas, so this seems like a problem area for most homes.

“We are really trying to promote the spirit of sustainability; throw away as little as possible during the decluttering process, use what you have, and try to point customers at ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle items they no longer need.”


Organization of the kitchen is one of the most popular services.

With the cost of living on the rise, Lisa and Claire believe that organizing a home can actually help save money, and have proven that the process doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Self-proclaimed bargain hunters often source from the likes of IKEA, Home Bargains, B&M, Matalan, TK Maxx, Tesco and Sainsburys, just to name a few.

“Recently, we posted a few Instagram stories under the heading “Shop THE” at the end of the last season of The Home Edit about where you can buy the same item for less,” Claire said.

“We have read the statistics that you need to spend at least £3,000 to create this Instagrammable kitchen layout, but that is simply not true.

“In some places you can buy storage boxes for as little as £2 and having food on display encourages you to use it which prevents you from buying the same food over and over again, getting lost somewhere in a closet before they become obsolete. she added.

“Lazy Susan [rotating trays] also great for making everything in the closet viewable, you don’t have to look behind cans or tins as having everything you need ensures they’re used and nothing goes to waste.”

Lisa added that the couple generally encourages clients to use what they have at home to create these organizational systems.

“We often find that once done, the decluttering process makes customers more picky about what they bring into their home,” she explained.

“It discourages spending on unnecessary things and raises awareness of what is being wasted; it offers a whole new perspective on how people spend their money.”

On average, Order In The House NI works all day long with clients in a specific room or area of ​​their home.

“Sometimes clients come back to us after we’ve finished one room and want us to organize the rest of the house!” Claire said. “One lady almost made us organize every room in her house, however our model is that once we have the system in place, people won’t have to need us to keep coming back, but rather they can easily keep organized and transfer systems to other areas.

Order In The House NI operates in a variety of areas, but costs for fuel and time outside of Belfast’s 15-mile radius are increasing. You can follow Order In The House NI on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.