Organ donations are transported by air to Hudalgo.

پچوکا۔ Noble man, Emergency and Health Services officials supported the transfer of a multi-organ donation from a person who died in a traffic accident, the state security agency reported.

The heart, liver and kidneys were airlifted to hospitals, according to the agency. Mexico City and the State of Mexico., While Cornea They were destined for the capital of Hidalgo.

Rescue and first aid personnel from Hedalgo’s Public Security Secretariat took part in the work, assisting Clinic 1 doctors. Mexico Social Security Institute (IMSS), i Pechoka.

As Hedalgo Fire Department officials said, “Achieving a successful airlift of vital organs involves the transplantation of a donor who died after a car accident, thus saving many lives and improving.” Was able to create. “



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