Organizations guarantee transparency, institutes defending democracy: INAI

However, due to the irrelevant respect of access to information, the organisms guaranteed transparency have been converted into Democracy institutes defensesAppointed by the President of the National Institution of Transparency, Accession to the Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), Blanca Lilia Ibarra CadenaIn the opening of the 13th Edition of the International Conference on Information Commission (ICIC).

“Effective reconciliation, promotion and effective protection of the patient is essential for the patient. Consolidation of the regimes that preceded democracy”, Advises you to send your message to the event that celebrates it 22 to 24 in the city of Pueblawith the participation of different parallels of the integers of this world.

Ibarra Cadena destacó la importancia de fortalecer las The politics of international cooperationa new regional and global, to preserve the constitutions, legislations and institutes that, with the advancement of the manera, are still in the material Access information.

“We present a lot of needs Fortaler los lazos de communicación and the international politics of cooperation, at the regional and global level, with the object Preserve the avances constituentsLegal and also institutionalized that de manera progresiva se han logrado ”, planteó.

The opening of the ICIC tract, the gobernador of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa HertaHere is a recollection of the evolution of the saber in Mexico a 20 años de promulgation of the Prime Minister Ley Federal de Transparency, enabling the importation of legal and institutional goods and services that give rise to the creation of System National Transparency (SNT)to secure this guarantee.

In his message, the President of the Mesa Directiva de Senado de la Republic, Olga Sanchez Cordero, resolving that the program of this conference plant temas that might expose the need for legislators; In the context of the expertise of many important sermons, there is an international experience in the field of access to information, Nevias Technology y los Balance in Democracy.

To liberate and for democracy is fundamental to defend the human rights of informationContinue defending the culture of transparency, maintaining the complementarity of our obligations, promoting the use of transparency to combat corruption and enhancing access to access to information, and the necessities of transparency. Democracy that is constantly changing”, Enfatizó.

In its intersection, the representative of the organization of the United Nations for education, science and culture, Tawfiq JelsiThe report will be released in 2021 UNESCO About the implementation of the Accreditation of Information to understand the importation of specialized institutes to guarantee this derecho, as well as the existence of good practice for hacer frente a las brechas de desigualdadBecause they share experiences experiencing the effects of global warming and channels of communication.

“UNESCO has a number of recommendations that can be adopted and used, for those states and countries.”Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. We hope that this initiative is a great help to our business and that we can apply it in our lives ”, anunció.

L President of the Municipal de Puebla, Eduardo Rivera PerezConsidering that access to information is a fundamental principle for the development of a democratic and transparent society, because of which the negotiations of the commissions and national commissions and internationals, Improve, promote and evaluate implementation and the effectiveness of access to information.

“Specify how ICIC is a vital importer to generate strategies that guarantee this fundamental (2) We want these dialogues and conferences to be productive, to the surgeons the best proponents and ideas of the quails.”

The President of the Institute of Transparency and Access to the Public Information of the State of Puebla (ITAIPUE), Francisco Javier Garcia Blancopuntualizó que el propócito de esta edición de la ICIC es analizar y Definitive Nevis Lines y infoques que permitan generar politicas publikas por parte de los organismos garantes a nivel mundial.

“Las mejores solutions a los Public issues Son aquellas que Result of the vinculación, coordinates and collaborates between gobiernos transparent, accesibles and receptives, for a lado; as a way to activate a society, participativa e informada, por el otro“, Conclude.

The ICIC is informed 71 autoridades de 33 paísesFrom the regions of the world, with the objective of facilitating discourse, the analysis and the cooperation and identification solutions that allow tutorial manera to be effective in accessing information and promoting participation and participation. Public relations in publicSpecialized groups on vulnerability situation.

In the inaugural act he presented the President of the Gobierno and Coordinating Politics Congress of the State, Sergio Salomon Cespedes Peregrine; The Magistrato Presidente of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado, Hector Sanchez SanchezAnd the President’s Honorra of the State System for the Integral of the Family, Maria del Rosario Orozco Caballero.

The event also included the representations of international authorities representing the ICIC, servicers and public servants of the Government of Puebla and the Municipal of Puebla, commissioners and commissioners of the SNT. Experts and academics.