Packers’ OC Nathaniel Hackett was most impressed by Jordan Leo’s toughness inside his pocket.

Jordan love This off-season was almost a taboo name in Packers Land as he pointed to the unknown and argued about it. Aaron Rogers.. However, by the end of the year, Rogers now has the lock and the key, and curious Packers fans are looking at Leo’s pre-season as a sign that 2022 is coming.

Green Bay Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett will also take a closer look at Love over the next two weeks. So far, he likes what he sees. Packers Wire..

Hackett said, “I’d say that’s kind of hard.” There was one, he pushed the ball down from the middle to Jess, who was a beautiful reader, a beautiful thrower, and he was hit right away. This is always the first thing you want to see as a coach to see how the quarterback will be able to stand there and take it. I mean, it was great. He immediately went up and down and scored. Nice to meet you. “

Why pocket stiffness is important for a quarterback like Jordan Lowe.

Strictness is a condition for football, but fearlessness is uniquely important in the quarterback position. A defeat can mean losing a game or ending the season.

Quarterback A person who can hang in his pocket for a long time waiting for the receiver to open usually goes beyond the quarterback which he cannot. The ability to stare at a full-fledged defense while throwing a ball, knowing they will take a big hit, is a big difference in the NFL.

Standing in a pocket and throwing the ball so fast that they can handle the impact is not so good in the NFL. Quarterbacks need perfect form despite the threat to win games in the NFL. No offensive line is perfect, so every quarterback has to do it eventually. Good quarterbacks can, but most can’t. Love seems to be part of the former group.

Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Green Bay Packers Training Camp

Going into 2021, Packers fans were on edge as they had not yet seen their young quarterback who could play throughout the season. However, after watching Love pass 17 of 21 for 122 yards and touch down, fans are breathing a sigh of relief.

No matter what happens to Rogers, the Packers seem to be in 2022.


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