PAN proposes permanent monthly support for people with extreme poverty in the CDMX

The parliamentary group of National Action Party (PAN) and el Congress of the City of Mexico (CDMX) proposes an initiative to support more than 400 million people in the capital of the country living in conditions of poverty, al otorgarles tres mil 200 pesos monthly.

El coordinator del PAN and el CDMX Congress, Christian Von Roehrich, fue quien propuso el “Ingreso Mínimo Vital”, And in addition to the white legislators detailing that the beneficiaries will be identified by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) and the National Council for the Evaluation of the Policy of Social Development (Coneval)

Dichas dependencies verify the living conditions of the people who receive the support.

By Roehrich launch at the press release conference Coneval que señalan que en la CDMX hay more than 400 miles of people living in extreme poverty, a figure that has increased over the last two years, meaning a 162 per cent more.

The local deputy by Alcaldía Benito Juárez explained that the minute should be stipulated in the Local Constitution, by which the Governor of the entity tends to be destined presupuesto for the support of the las people with poverty.

Mention that el Government of the CDMX account with sufficient money to make the initiative proposed, it is estimated that they 217 million pesos which approved the Capital Congress for 2021, has a recession requirement.

“The central governor has 18 million more people and ours are soliciting that if the 15 million people are, we are talking about benefiting more than 400 million people”

Christian Von Roehrich

Movement Ciudadano responds to the initiative of the PAN

For its part, Royfid Torres, coordinator de Moviiento Ciudadano in the CDMX, responded to the initiative of PAN y llamó a cambiar the strategy in social matter for salir de desigualdad, de la que aseguró, Morena no ha hecho nada al respecto.

“Morena likes to maintain the poverty because he maintains his electoral power, but you do not have to follow him to the cost of it, so we can think he will help you to get rid of this deep desalination and need to cabarse More”

Royfid Torres

Resaltó que el “Ingreso Mínimo VitalCan benefit from more 250 mil desempleados there are people who live through informal work.



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