Pan urges coalition to cut off power: “Reason comes first”

Penn’s elected national leader, Marco Curtis, assured that the reasons for Mexico’s alliance should be maintained, as there would be no reason now for any of the parties to deviate from the norm. Created it. .

“First of all, and the reason for taking care of Mexico is better than any electoral challenge, and as long as it’s worth it, it’s protected, so that we don’t hurt it, that we basically Together, we can talk about other issues, of course, “he said.

At a time when one of his allies, the PRI, has been vague about power reform, the Blue and White leader pointed out: balance, counterweight, constitution, then there is no reason for it to exist.

On a visit to Quintana Roo, Marco Curtis stressed that “he goes through Mexico, he has to serve our country and that is why it is decisive for us to come together, to be fundamentally united.” And it is in the House of Representatives of the Congress.

In this regard, he pointed out that power reform seeks to close the door to clean, renewable energy that is affordable, as well as investment and employment opportunities.

And he stressed that if a strong alliance is formed, it can be placed on other platforms, such as six governorships at stake for next year: “Let’s see where we find coincidences. There are other issues, such as here in Quintana Roo, where local representatives are elected in addition to the governorship.

In addition, he said he was confident that no party would give up its commitment to the nation, and hoped that all opposition parties would follow suit.

On this issue, al-Bayazol Senator Daman Zapida was more vocal and warned that if the PRI accepts the power reform promoted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, it should not follow the Weipeur-Mexico alliance.

“I hope they are at the level of Mexico, and if they are not personally, I will continue to insist that we will not come together in any kind of alliance because no one can reach and not be there. It’s useless to help me win. The height that Mexico needs. Very clear, “he explained.

Penn noted that the move should be described in a broad and detailed way, with the aim that citizens fully understand it, as it has to be compared to the current one and explain that it is for the country. It is not useful anywhere.

For this reason, he insisted that the tricolor legislators explain themselves around their reform, as well as maintain consistency after their decision to support the current one. Zapida said he should not turn his back on Mexico for personal gain or fear of political persecution, as he has a responsibility to work for Mexico’s development.

“Why should I believe in the promise of the future if I do not see harmony in the votes at the present time, I respect them, but then I will not help you to be your more deputy, so that later you Such important decisions are in your hands, “he stressed.

In the midst of the controversy, PRI Senator Miguel Angel Osorio Chong explained that he would run for office until the deputies make a decision and send it to the Senate of the Republic, because only then can they get the right content. Will know

“Of course we have it and of course we know it, but that doesn’t mean it’s what we’re going to get, so when we have that minute in our hands, we’ll position it as part of the block. The Senate. “

The PRI has confirmed that it will not support anything that is harmful or negative for Mexico.

“We will never do that, when something is affected, from our point of view, of course we will not support it,” he said.

  • Data: PRI proposes to create discussion forum to learn about the scope of President Lopez Obrador’s proposed power reforms.


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