Paredo de las elecciones del domingo será Colombia por estas razones, según Pablo Hiriart – Meczyki

This was followed by a series of elections in Colombia, and the current Pablo Hiriart advertised that there were different The great perdor will not be any of the partisans, since the pa ents enter for the consultations that will sell with the two main candidates.

Durante su participación en el EF Meet Point Virtual – Cumbre de las America: Nuevos Liderazgos LatinoamericanosHiriart señaló que la situación es bastante tensa en Colombia, primarily por el tema de la polarización y las narrativas There are so many types it’s hard to say.

Acknowledging the perspective of the city, the posture that can get tomar any of the candidates in the case can be perceived can increase the alarms in the passages, or that the possible mobility impulses due to the consequences You can have considerable gravity for the publicity.

Accompanied by Pablo Hiriart, this is the second time that Colombia’s elites are envied, or that the inquisitive son of Cerradas, without embargo, seas quail sea ganador There is a panoramic complication in the discussion of the candidates’ candidaciesya continuación te contamos porqué.

Why is Colombia going to be the ‘Great Predator’ of elections?


Pablo Hiriart considers that Candidates have received a popular discourseAdvising discursions in favor of the ideas that have been shared and the sector of the society they represent.

“The two populists who share a society in two. This society is in a state of disarray and it is clear that the result is that tangas in Colombia va a ser para malBecause the populace has this capacity of fractures and servicers not only capacities of empower the money and reduce the corruption and disability ”.

Además, the argument that gane quien gane en Colombia, The public discussion about the implications of a gossipy populist implication of the acquiescence or the derechalo Continuation without solver distant problemsátics in the Latin world.

Reconocimiento de resultados

See also argument in the transmission que The response to the candidacy of a candidate is very important to avoid the movement of the masses. And possible violent events, this too impulsive because of the popularity.

Según el periodista, The best of the best news is that Rodolfo HernándezThis is due to the fact that Gustavo Petro was able to discourage the result in a case that would lead to a small margin, which would generate a major social problem for the response to the inquiry as a result of the protest.

Pablo Hiriart dijo que en caso de que la elección fuera ganada por Petro There was a response from the radical Colombian army, or that some include the perception as a candid candidate of socialism. This refers to a “favor” of the possible administration of Petrocommunication to the Square Capitals, which impulses the Derecha to include the Armor.

Accompanied by the periodical, in Mexico and in other parts of the world, it is possible to solve problems like the ones that occur. Colombia has given that there are institutions and organizations that allow convincing in the form of distant social classes., evitando que la polarización se agrave. In Mexico, the National Autonomy of the Universidad de Mexico, which has had many different problems, has been reported.

Complete promissory notes

Pablo Hiriart concluyó que “El Nino Winnie the Pooh”but decides that the sea, which is the sea of ​​Gane Colombia, will give rise to the perfect complement of promises.

“In Colombia we have sociological problems because of problems Ninguno de los dos candidatos podrá cumplir el mundo que ha prometido a los colombianos“, sentenció.