Parents unveil teacher’s face at school in Texas

Assault – Whether verbal or physical, anyone is obviously unacceptable, period. It is particularly shocking that so many people have lamented the efforts of teachers (and fellow school staff, such as janitors and cafeteria workers) to visit infectious diseases. Many people in the United States have adopted a story that emphasizes the importance of thanking teachers for their efforts and sacrifices when young people develop a sense of stability and then seemingly have no problem attacking teachers. Or even just trying to follow the guidelines set by their employers.

This particular Texas School District, Ianis Independent School District (ISD), is following orders from Travis County, which recommends masks for everyone at the school. Unfortunately, the school district has no way of enforcing the rules for wearing masks, but it does ask students, teachers, visitors and other staff to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.

“Mandate or no mandate, law or no law, governor or no governor, county judge or no county judge, superintendent or no superintendent – children and adults in our schools are doing what they think is best for themselves and our community. is better.” Tom Leonard, Eanes ISD Superintendent wrote in one. Letter To the community ”

Leonard stressed that wearing a mask at school is especially important because “medical personnel are under extreme pressure.” He also praised the students and teachers for wearing the mask. We know there have been cases in Texas. Skyrocketing, With something The hospital Reporting that his ICU bed is running out, and state officials. Is requesting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) morgue trailers as they prepare for death. Four Districts Private learning has been temporarily suspended in schools, especially due to the spread of the virus earlier this academic year.

With so much chaos and contradiction, it’s almost easy to become the background noise of verbal violence among all the other COVID-19 related stories. But violence is unacceptable, especially when we are exposing it to potentially young, inspiring people who are also escaping a new and traumatic situation and looking to adults for guidance.

Thankfully, Leonard agrees that neither physical nor verbal attacks on masks are acceptable. Leonard wrote of the attack, “This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in Ian’s ISD. In his appeal to the community, he added that he is asking everyone to be” kind. ” Not “fight mask wars in our schools.”

In a video interview with KVUE, Leonard stressed that he would respect people whether they wear masks or not, but “If my teacher is wearing a mask, no one will touch my teachers. Will. ”

This sentiment should go without saying and is the basic criterion for basic decency, but with anti-mask hysteria flooding some parts of the nation, it really needs to be repeated again and again.

Below you can watch an interview with Leonard as well as a district teacher.

Author: Meczyki

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