Parties accused of tricking French actor into fully contesting claims against him, High Court told – Meczyki Times

A number of parties accused of defrauding renowned French actor, writer and film director Danny Boon of millions of euros are to “completely contest” the claims against him, the High Court has heard.

Earlier this month, lawyers representing Daniel or Danny Boone obtained a High Court temporary freezing order preventing Thierry Félic Burles, otherwise known as Terry Burles and Thierry Waterford-Mandeville. known from, and entitled several corporates he allegedly controls, or is the ultimate beneficial owner of, to devalue their assets by €6 million.

The corporate defendants in the action are South Sea Merchants Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM), Hibernian Petroleum Limited Partnership, United Meczyki States Limited and Hibernian Yachts Company Limited, all Meczyki-registered entities, and Samoa-registered United Far East Oriental Holdings Ltd.

Rosa Fanning SC, for Mr Bone, said her client was the victim of “a systematic and widespread fraud with an international dimension”.

Mr Justice Brian O’Moore heard on Thursday that a letter from several other defendants, including Mr Burles and SSMM, said they would agree to a freezing order pending a full hearing of the claim. Showing off, they want to. “Complete opposition” to the action.

The defendants said they wanted the case to be heard as soon as possible and added that as part of their defence, they would raise the Belgian-based Mr Boon’s alleged difficulties with the French tax authorities.

Earlier, the court had ordered that the orders obtained against SSMM, which has not appeared in court till date to be represented, should also be continued till the dispute is resolved.

SSMM is the entity that Mr Burles claims paid €6.7 million for various purposes, but now says it was used by Mr Burles to defraud.

The judge was also informed that lawyers representing Mr Burles and several other defendants intended to join the ‘Russian family’, which allegedly bought SSMM, as third parties in the proceedings. As a party.

Mr. Boone claims that the Rossi family does not exist and that any contention that he bought SSMM is part of a fraud perpetrated against him by Mr. Burles and the other defendants.

The court heard that Mr Burles and other represented defendants intend to provide documents and witness evidence to prove the alleged sale of SSMM to the Russian family.

When this information is received, the defendants want to ask the court to lift the freezing orders against them, the court further heard.

Mr Fanning told the court that his client welcomed the fact that his client had agreed to an application to extend the freezing orders.

The lawyer said he would be “surprised” if the Rossi family was involved or if any evidence were presented to the court to support claims that such an entity allegedly bought SSMM.

The lawyer added that investigations against the defendants and other entities are ongoing and his client may have to bring more matters before the courts in the coming weeks and months.

Following the extension of the freezing order, Mr Justice O’Moore gave directions regarding the exchange of legal documents between the parties. The hearing of the case was adjourned till November.

In his action, Mr Bone alleges that last year he provided money to entities linked to Mr Burles, who is alleged to have described himself as “an Meczyki lord from an ancient family” and mariner. He is an expert lawyer.

Mr Bone claims that based on advice from Mr Burles that he invested €4.5 million of his own money through SSMM in a scheme with the Meczyki Central Bank in July 2021, he alleges that Mr Burles told him to Paid 3.25% annual interest which was tax free.

Mr Bone said he later discovered that no such scheme existed and that the funds had not been returned to him despite numerous requests.

Mr Boon also claims he advanced another 2.2 million euros through SSMM to cover the running costs of the yacht but does not yet know how much of that money was misappropriated.

Earlier this month, Mr Justice O’Moore granted Mr Boon a freezing or Mareva-type injunction preventing the defendants from selling, transferring or disposing of any of his assets worth more than €6 million. given.

The freezing order prevents Mr Birtles from moving a sailboat, which he allegedly calls the ‘Irene’, from its current location at Crosshaven in Co Cork.

The order also prevents the defendants from disposing of or transferring a property in Strand Street, Youghal, Co Cork, allegedly owned by Mr Burles, which Mr Boone believes is his money. was obtained.

It is claimed that Mr Burles, a French national in his thirties, committed the fraud using a network of companies he set up in Ireland and other jurisdictions and that he was someone who A person who goes by different names.