Passengers ‘dropped off at Birmingham airport’ after Fly B plane crashes

Disappointed passengers have complained that their Fly B plane was “dropped” at Birmingham Airport after a lightning strike. The BHX-Amsterdam service was delayed by 10 hours and was finally canceled after a lightning strike on Wednesday 22 June.

The plane and its passengers were said to be safe due to bad weather, but those waiting to board the plane said they were “trapped” in the departure lounge as they were about to leave. The flight was delayed. The service was allegedly suspended three times, finally until 8.30pm, before it was actually canceled six hours after departure.

Alan Farmer, 59, was scheduled to perform his favorite band, Kikagaku Moyo, in Amsterdam that night – but missed the show and the rest of his journey. Others complained on Twitter that they had been initially told they could not “leave” the departure lounge despite the flight being canceled.

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“We spent at least an hour making phone calls and asking around, trying to get out of the airport,” Allen said. “I even went to a covered lounge at the airport to ask for help, but no one knew what to do with us.

“Everyone we spoke to was just scared of how we were released. There was no Fly B representative there and there was no announcement to tell us about the tension that the flight Canceled or where we have to go. ”

Birmingham Airport
(Photo: Birmingham Mail)

Flybe returned to Birmingham Airport in April – two years after falling into the old airline’s management. Allen, a Japanese music promoter for Kings Heath, said he arrived at the airport at 6.30am expecting “chaos” and long queues, but was cleared by security within 25 minutes.

By about 9.30am, passengers began to realize that something was wrong, he said. “I saw that they didn’t announce which door we should go to, which I think was weird,” he said.

“I asked someone and they told me that Flybe flights usually go from gate 1 to 20, but when I got there a lady from another airline told me that our flight was delayed and said That we are entitled to a £ 3 food voucher. About half an hour later, the same woman came and told me that it was now late until 4 pm, but I did not have to speak to the Fly B representative. We had no idea what was going on.

“Then it was delayed again until 8.30pm and they put another £ 12 into our accounts, which we didn’t get much. It was very disappointing – we didn’t see the Flybe representative until 4pm.” But they told us the flight would depart that day.

“I had to watch my favorite band tonight so I was already thinking I would miss some of it and ring the bell to tell my hotel that I would be late. Then at 4.30pm. About noon we received a notice stating that it had been canceled.

“There were no announcements about Tanay and again, there were no Flybe representatives. Luckily I was only traveling with hand luggage but I know other people trying to get their luggage back. I had incredible problems. “

Allen said he had to cancel his three-day trip completely because he could not reach Flybe on the phone to reschedule his flight. He said he was unable to change his flight online because he had already checked in.

Flybe confirmed that the plane was not damaged by the lightning, but said it needed a thorough inspection before re-approving the flight. A spokesman said: “At Flybe, the safety of our passengers and crew will always be our top priority, and that is why we canceled Flight BE 1023 BHX-AMS on 22 June 2022 when lightning struck the aircraft. The incoming flight was.

The captain reported that there were no signs of an accident inside the plane and that the plane was unharmed. It needed to be re-approved. As far as Birmingham. “

He added: “While our customer service team made every effort to contact passengers and keep them informed of their options, we apologize for any inconvenience this event may have caused.”

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