Patrick Reid likes tweets that tear up the ‘cowardly’ Ryder Cup captain after he has been lubricated.

“Captain America” ​​could be the Rider Cup villain.

Patrick Reid liked a handful of tweets this week insulting captain Steve Stryker’s decision. Removing Reid from the US team.

“The team is not complete without pad golf.” One fan wrote for Red’s approval. “Leaving the red of the roster (best American RC record, the only player with a perfect singles record, etc.). He couldn’t even try to explain it at the GC News conference.

Another tweet was received by ESPN. He sarcastically thanked the striker for giving “a lifeline to the European team” by not picking up Red. ESPN reported another tweet in which Reid called the striker a “coward.”

The fiery and controversial Reds, who have not tweeted in person since the verdict, have previously worked in the Ryder Cup squad, winning all three of their matches 7-3-2. However, the 31-year-old has recently recovered from double pneumonia. He admitted her to the hospital out of fear for her life.

The striker said on Wednesday that this was the main reason why Reid was not selected.

“It was the uncertainty of his health and the lack of play that kept us from making decisions,” he said of Reid, who returned to last week’s Tour Championship.

Instead, the striker used his six captains’ choices: Daniel Berger, Harris English, Xander Schoffel, Tony Fanau, Scott Schiffler and Jordan Spieth. He will be joined by automatic qualifiers Colin Morekawa, Dustin Johnson, Bryson de Chambeo, Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantley and Brooks Kopka as the 12-man squad struggles to beat the European team, which has won nine of the last 12 Ryder Cups. ۔

US Ryder Cup captain Steve Stryker on September 8, 2021.
US Ryder Cup captain Steve Stryker on September 8, 2021.
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The Ryder Cup closed in two weeks in the Strait of Wisconsin.

Reid caused a great deal of controversy. After the United States lost to France in 2019, they did not want to partner with him and mocked Spith for blaming then-captain Jim Fourique.


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