Paul, a native of Dundalk, wows enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic with his custom motorcycles

Paul Murphy, a native of Dundalk, has been fascinated by bicycles, motorcycles and speed since childhood.

Today he is a renowned motorcycle restorer/builder based in Canada, and last month he won the Best Italian Motorcycle in Show award at the prestigious Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California.

“Originally, I was brought up on Dublin Road until my family moved to Blackrock in 1980,” he says. “Last year I bought my first motorcycle in a dozen boxes and built my first running motorcycle.”

He was just fourteen years old when he bought that bike and in the following months, he completely restored the twin-cylinder two-stroke Yamaha 125.

“I wish I still had that little bike today!” He says.

He completed his first apprenticeship as a Fitter/Turner in 1980 with the old S+S, Dundalk Engineering Works. This gave him the skills to turn his fascination for bikes and mechanical things into a career. Today he holds a millwright (industrial mechanic) license and will soon get his Red Seal motorcycle mechanic license in Alberta.

Like many of his generation, he emigrated but retained his passion for bikes, which led him to set up his own business.

“When I first moved to Ontario, Canada in 1987, I continued to collect and restore motorcycles, most of which I still own today. I have many bikes in my garage that I have owned for over 30 years! “

Exactly a decade later, he returned to Ireland with his beloved Bimota SB2.

“I brought the SB2 with me when I moved back to Ravensdale, Dundalk, in 1998. During that time, it was featured in various UK publications and several shows in the UK due to its extreme rarity and excellent original restored condition Awards were won.

“In 2011, I moved back to Canada, this time to Edmonton, Alberta. SB2 definitely came back with me with its ever-growing collection at the time.

They were approached by the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California in December 2019 as they wanted a bike for the primary display at their Silver Shotgun exhibit.

“I personally drove the bike to LA (3600kms each way) in a snow storm in January,”

The grueling journey was fruitful as the bike won the Best of Show and People’s Choice awards at the opening night.

There are more than thirty motorcycles in Paul’s collection.

“My specialty is European and classic Japanese and at the same time I enjoy custom work, designing and machining my “special” parts.”

He operates under his Meticulous Moto Restoration banner in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is a renowned expert in European and Japanese motorcycle restoration and is particularly known for his spectacular Bimota motorcycle collection.

Last month he entered three of his most recent restorations, the 1978 Bimota SB2, 1980 Bimota SB3 and 1986 Bimota SB4-S, at the Quail Motorcycle Assembly in California.

it makes sense to take the top prize, as he was against

“It was truly an honor to receive an invitation to showcase some of my work at a prestigious event like The Quail,” he says. “Winning is the highest honor one can receive in North America. It’s still not fully submerged!” He continued.

In need of extensive engineering and a complete restoration, Paul originally purchased the Bimota SB2 from its previous owner in 1991.

Achieving its current level of perfection has been a painstaking task, having been shipped to Ireland before returning to the current location in Paul’s workshops.

Paul is a renowned expert in European and Japanese motorcycle restoration and is particularly known for his spectacular Bimota motorcycle collection.

His antique restorations have been featured in many motorcycle magazines including Cycle Canada and Classic Motorcycle Mechanics and have received several Best of Show awards in Canada, the USA and England.

“The Quail was a spectacular event showcasing the crme de la crme of motorcycles, with the elite of the motorcycle fraternity in attendance,” he says.

With next year’s event already in its focus, Paul says, “I have to raise the bar again with some of my current projects of unobtrusive vintage classics and 2-stroke exotica to attract the attention of the judging panel”.

During the prize distribution ceremony, Paul climbed onto the stage to help Bimota carry the trophy and champagne with his son, Ryan. Glass Crystal Award from Tiffany & Co., inscribed with The Quail logo and text indicating the class and level of the award.