Película, el maxiproceso a Donald Trump – Meczyki

MIAMI, Fl.- The depictions of the politicians because “all their children” tend to volunteer to see what happens in these days in Washington to reconsider the fact that there is still fear and persistence.

Millions of statesmen have seen the beginning of comparisons in the Capitol, which has led Donald Trump to a criminal conspiracy at the center to disclose the presidential election that was taking place.

All the integrators of the investigative commission, bipartisan, have received amenities.

The Republican Russell Bowers, President of the Chamber of Representatives of Arizona, compares to the Commission in the Capitol, sent together to the Secretariat of the Georgia of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, also the Republican fue la cámara con trampalado al.

Bowers is a hombre mayor, republican of all life, devotional, ranche that has a sola corbata desde hache muchos años, pues sila la usa en la occanes especiales de su vida. The mi frcoles fue una de ellas.

In the days leading up to the election of the President, Bowers accepted the names of President Trump and his son Rudolph Giuliani. The pedagogy convinced a legislative audience to review fraud cases in Arizona. We want to say no.

Make sure you allow access to the electorate to the Arizona Electoral College vote, to create a caucus.

I explain:

In this case, there are no candidates for the presidency, since the electorate in a session voted to determine which candidates will win the presidency.

Nunca ha ocurrido, but in a state that has a presidential candidacy has more than your populace, the electorate (538 in all parcels) can go to another. Syria completely legal.

Salvo in Nebraska and Maine, which have a representative representation, in all the states that have made the popular vote design all the electors of this state, which are renen and voted.

Trump and Giuliani urge the perversion of the state in this state, where they know Biden, so that the electorate falses the present from the day of voting and exacerbates its sufragio in favor of Trump and not for the ganador.

There was an objection that the anomaly would be detected, but the object was to generate a causation in the session. “No, we don’t vote for you!” (de hecho en nevada y michigan hicieron escándalo).

The instrument of Trump and Giuliani fue: if you can enter, you are for me, and if you do not enter the day, it will fall. It also gives arguments to vice president Pence to invalidate the election.

Pence, como se sabe, no entró en el juego de su jefe. Opt for the Republic.

The Bowers, of Arizona, Trump and his abolitionist encrypted the session with the argument that it was fraud.

The proposal of President Trump made a declaration in these days: “Bowers tell me that he has won the election”.

The government of the Republic of Arizona immediately rescinded the order. Giuliani said he wanted to say that he would support the election and that he would allow the electorate to change the electoral system of the state.

-Dame pruebas del fraud-, le dijo Bowers a Giuliani.

-Then we have a lot of theories, but sincerely we don’t have evidences-, the Giuliani contest.

Bowers manipulate the manipulator and the goblins of the state (republican) certifications of the elites in which Biden (advocates).

In those days, Trump’s simplistic caravans made Bowers’ house and used megaphones to insult his family, his amenas and his arms.

Dentro de la casa de Bowers, su hija Kacey agonizaba. March 2021.

The Republicans, who campaigned for Trump, voted for Trump, took a diary in which the notches escort their activities and reflections.

At the end of the Miércoles season in the Capitolio, I read what I wrote in my personal diary when I was at the center of Trump and Giuliani’s readings:

“I don’t want to be a gandar haciendo trampa. No juggernaut with las leyes a las que juré lealtad. What else can I do for a living, in the desire of life, if I am a coward or no defender of the camino recto that I have taken tomar? ”.

Bowers are safe from performing the elec- tion of the past, in which the post is released. But your job is to pass the story. Se los firmo