Pelosi names Republican Adam Kissinger as second Republican member in Jan. 6 investigation

Top shot - Supporters of US President Donald Trump gather in the US capital on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC.  - Protesters violated security and entered the capital as Congress debated the validity of the 2020 presidential election.  (Photo by Andrew Caballero Reynolds / AFP) (Photo by Andrew Caballero Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images)

One reason is that Republicans are bent on defaming any investigation into how the January 6 uprising took place.

Another Republican has been added to the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Uprising. Correspondent Adam Kissinger made the announcement In a press release on Sunday He was asked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to serve on the committee and has accepted his request. In his statement, Pelosi said Kensinger “brings great patriotism to the committee’s mission: to find out the facts and to protect our democracy.”

In an interview on ABC This week A few hours before Kissinger’s announcement, Pelosi had indicated that he would appoint Kissinger if he agreed. Last week, Pelosi announced the rejection of two proposed Republican members proposed by House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. Participants in pro-Trump protests, rap. Jim Jordan, who attacked shortly before the Capitol attack, and Rapp Jim Bank, who made public statements on being nominated to the committee, indicate that they are calling for an investigation into Black Life. Want to disrupt work The issue and other political demonstrations that have nothing to do with the violence of the day.

Pelosi reiterated that she would agree to sit down with the other three Republicans nominated by McCarthy. McCarthy withdrew the nominations in protest after the banks and Jordan rejected them. Republicans in the House and Senate have rejected attempts to conduct a two-way investigation into the January 6 violence, instead of blaming Republicans for such an investigation.

From November to the January 6 attack, Republican lawmakers, party officials, pundits and top members of Trump’s inner circle spread false propaganda to claim that Trump’s November election loss was to non-Republican conspirators. Was the result of an unknown “fraud” by It was all wrong. The attackers used the same propaganda claims to justify their violent attacks on the Capitol Police, which stormed the Capitol during a joint session of Congress, and against anti-Trump lawmakers and public officials during the riots. Tried to find and catch.

The first hearing of the selection committee will be held on Tuesday.

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