Pentagon denies pedido de Washington DC para ayudar con migrantes

The Pentagon rejected a request from Washington DC for the National Guard to provide assistance to what the mayor called “a humanitarian crisis” caused by the shipment of thousands of migrants to the capital from two southern states.

The defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, refused to provide personnel from the National Guard and use the facilities of the DC Armory for the reception of migrants in the capital, defense officials said. Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Friday that the city could send a modified, “more specific” request, and added that she believes this is the first time that a request from the District of Columbia has been denied.

A functionary, who spoke on the condition of preserving anonymity to discuss an unannounced decision, said that the food and shelter program of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (FEMA) problema y ha indicado que esos fondos son sufficiente en este momento.

Bowser formally asked the White House last month for an indefinite contingent of 150 soldiers of the National Guard per day, as well as a “federal adequate locality” for a center to house and train candidates for the National Guard. The logic of

The crisis began at the beginning of the year, when the governors of Texas, Greg Abbott, and Arizona, Doug Ducey, announced plans to send migrants to Washington in response to the decision of President Joe Biden to raise wages or the pandemic that restricted the The number of migrant entries negarles the possibility of requesting asylum. La norma sigue vigente por Orden judicial.

On Friday, Abbott declared that a first group of migrants from his state had been sent en bus also to New York.

From April to mid-July, about 5,200 immigrants were transported by bus from Texas to Washington. And from May to August 3, more than 1,300 have been sent from Arizona. Los gobernadores call this practice a gratuitous voluntary trip—paid by the taxpayers of the state—que acerca a los migrants a su familia o redes de apoyo.

But Bowser rejects this characterization, and affirms that the asylum seekers are being “deceived”, because many do not approach their final destinations enough and some are abandoned in the station of Ferrovitoliciados de Estación de Capitalia, Capitaliados Unidos. casa blanca Muchos de ellos llegan sin recursos ni idea de qué hacer.

Bowser commented on Friday to the journalists that the Pentagon seems to be concerned “for the indefinable nature of our petition” and that a more specific request would help.

“We want to continue working with the Department of Defensa to understand our operational needs and to ensure that political considerations do not form part of your decision,” Bowser said, adding that he believed that the situation would emerge. Necesitamos a la Guardia Nacional. Si fuéramos un estado, ya lo habría hecho”.

A coalition of local beneficence groups has been working to feed and shelter migrants, with the help of 1 million dollars from FEMA. Pero los organizadores han advertido que sus resources y personal están a punto de agotarse.

“Esta dependencia en las organizaciones sin fines de lucro no funciona y es unsustenible: están abrumadas y escasas de resources”, said Bowser in his letter. La alcaldesa has said repeatedly that the influx is affecting the capacity of its government to attend to its own desamparados and requiere ahora una respuesta federal.

Bowser accused Abbott and Ducey of “cruel politicism” and said that both had “decided to use a personas desesperadas para anotarse puntos politicos”.

When explaining his decision to add the city of New York as a destination, Abbott said that “Biden’s refusal to recognize the crisis caused by his open border policies” forced Texas to “take unprecedented measures to maintain security.”

Dijo que los migrants están llegando a la terminal de autobuses de la autoridad portuaria.

“Además de Washington, DC, la ciudad de Nueva York es el destino ideal para estos migrants, que pueden recibir los abundantes servicios y alojamiento de la ciudad que el alcalde Eric Adams ha presumido dentro de la ciudjoant de la ciudjoant”.

In response, Fabien Levy, Adams’ spokesperson, tweeted that the “continuous use of human beings as political peons on the part of Abbott is repugnant.” Nueva York will continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms, as we have always done, but we continue to need the support of Washington.”

As mayor of Washington, Bowser does not have the authority to order the deployment of the National Guard.