Perspective 10/09/2021

None of the perfumes sold in Paris or New York have the scent that Yarban tea boils in Abrego’s kitchens.

Maybe it’s the scent that makes Don Abundio give birth to things from the past. Next:

– In those years there was a stone cross on the side of the road. If the bride wants her husband to come from La Senega, Jimenez or Saltillo, she will kiss the cross to the west. If they wanted the brave to come from Casillas, Ravens or Santiago, they would kiss him to the east. My wife Rosa reached the age of 20 without getting married. She was already a sprinter. Then he would kiss the cross on both sides.

We all laugh, except for Donna Rosa, who gets angry. He angrily challenged:

“Old talker.”

Don Abundio marks the cross with his thumb and index finger, brings it to his lips and swears:

-For him.

until tomorrow!…


Author: Meczyki

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