Petro and Uribe are different from Hondas

Bogota How to find the mainstream representatives of the two orila politicians in Colombia: Gustavo Petro, the first elected president of Izquierda, and the late Conservator valvaro Uribe, who has been in the 2000s since 2000.

The extension of Petro and Uribe’s invitation to a “national anthem” that seeks to reunite a number of stakeholders to find solutions to structural problems in the country.

The reunion was made privately in the north of Bogotá and was divided into two moments: the first hablaron los dos líderes a solas y luego los acompañaron sus asesores more cercanos. Uribe le petidi a Petro abrir un canal de diálogo direct durante su mandato ejercer una “oposición razonable”.

The discussion took place at the time of the allegations that represented the principal and the tenor of Derecha about Petro during the election campaign, as the protection of the privilege of the privilege of the prophet. de lare sobre explotación petrolera.

“We understand that we share all the rumors that this is going to accelerate the pace of prosperity, but that it cannot be the cost to the private sector, it is politically insoluble”, la dijosabe.

Even then, Uribe told him that Petro was going to normalize the diplomatic relations with the Venezuelan goblins, rotating from 2019 between Nicolas Maduro and Ivon Duque, who reconciled with the leading opponent Juan Guaidino.

During the encounter, Uribe puso sobre la mesa un tema policmico en el país: reformar el tribunal de Paz creado tras la firma del acuerdo de paz entre el Estado y la guerrilla Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (016).

The treatment of a reform that has been implicit in the paradigm shift from the para tribunal les dé un trato diferencial a las integrantes de las fuerzas armadas que también comparecen haber estado vinculados al conflicto interno que se prolongécodóca. President Sullivan Duque proposes a law in the Congress to reform its mandate, without embargo, without the necessary amendments to the Constitutional Court.

Petro has been able to compile the capability with the Acquisition of Paz and his senator has been asked to take action against the Paz Tribunal.

“Ojalá el país pawada pe el escenario del las diferencias. La conversaci conn con el expresidente Uribe fue provechosa y respectuosa.

During the tenacious presidential campaign, Uribe constantly criticized Petro and quenched his affidavits with the Chavismo in Venezuela and included his query to change the economic model of the country and to increase its privacy. Petro, who in his juvenile militia in the extinct gorilla M-19, has neglected tales.

More than the results of the reunion between opposing politicians, the encounter was likely to send a conciliatory message to a Colombian who had a strong electoral campaign and was undergoing a process of conflicting lacinosadel.

“This encounter could mean the bases for the acquisition of the country and to align the forces within the extremists’ politics,” said Johan Caldas, an Associated Press analyst at the Universidad de Sabana.

But for Petro it is beneficial to reunite with his principal anti-political policy to send a message to his goblins that he is trying to take advantage of the 7 days ago, for Uribe is a politically distant app.

Sean the political analyst Yann Basset, professor at the University of Rosario, Uribe seeks consolidation as the leader of the opposition and the dictatorship, debating whether there are other politicians in search of such misunderstandings.

“We are in a moment of reconsideration of the current electoral crisis that suffers in this cyclo-electoral system as well as in the legislatures.

Uribe is not the only government with a high popularity like Jeff de Estado, also impressed by the first presidency of Juan Manuel Santos in 2010 and hopes for the candidacy of actual President Ivon Duque. The ban on sin, from Su Powder Electoral to Vue Menguado who la Victoria de Petro y de la Equivierda, is one of the things that historically has been all about the right and the modern.