Pimp denied bail after allegedly looking for strippers days after being released from prison

Prolific pimp Martin Heaney was discovered accessing websites offering strippers less than a week after his release from prison after serving a prison sentence for sex trafficking.

Eni was denied bail today at Belfast Magistrates’ Court after violating the terms of the Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Order.

The court heard that police yesterday made regular visits to the Dismas House hostel on Ormeau Road in south Belfast where the sex moth known as ‘Mucky Marty’ was staying after his release from prison.

As part of their trafficking prevention order, they were banned from accessing any websites or forums offering personal sexual services.

A police officer told the court that officers under Henney’s surveillance status had called the hostel to check his mobile phone.

He was revealed to have visited two websites/channels of “special concern”, Belfastentertainment.co.uk and Armenia Entertainments. The former was opened to a page that read “Welcome to Sugar ‘n Spice” and offered services for booking strippers. Armenia Entertainments offered male kisses, male life pictures and “supportive services”.

Haney was arrested at 1.25 pm on suspicion of violating his order and did not respond to caution.

The police objected to the bail on the grounds of risk of re-offence, saying that he had earlier been convicted of 48 and was perusing websites within three days of his release from jail.

The court was also told that on the evening of his release a probation officer spent three hours with him clearly explaining the order and his license arrangement.

Probation has filed an application to recall him for violation of his license.

When challenged by the police, Honey claimed that he did not understand the order and promised not to do it again.

Haney’s lawyer claimed that his client had cooperated fully with the police.

“He has given an innocent account of what was on the phone. He explained that the only access point he saw was through YouTube.

“In his mind, he did not violate the order.”

The solicitor stated that Haney did not use any of the websites listed in his order.

“It’s a novel and unusual order,” he said.

Magistrate Alana McSorley said: “I am not satisfied that the risk can be managed and have been denied bail on the basis of risk to the public and risk to the public.”

Haney was sentenced last Wednesday to five years, half in prison and half on licence.

He was released from the court due to lapse of time on remand.

He previously admitted to ten counts of controlling the prostitution of ten women “in the hope of profiting for himself”; ten counts of human trafficked women in which he “arranged or facilitated travel” of ten women “being exploited”; and seven charges of sexuality “recording another person performing a private act for the purpose of sexual gratification and knowing that they do not consent to be recorded”.

The court was told that Haney hunted vulnerable women, forced many of them into prostitution and forced them to have unprotected sex with himself and “clients”.

Haney also pleaded guilty to single counts of abetting a woman to become a prostitute and obtaining criminal property, “namely, cash and money transfers”.

All the offenses were committed in more than eight years between June 1, 2011 and September 30, 2019.

Haney was ordered to prevent slavery and trafficking, with several restrictions placed on him for the next seven years, including where he lived, what work he did, with whom he could socialize, and what he had. Which devices can be, such as mobile phones or laptops.

With the Co-Down Man jailed at Craigavon ​​Crown Court sitting in Belfast, and watching the proceedings by videolink with several victims, Judge Patrick Lynch QC said it was clear Heaney was “using women, many of whom were extremely vulnerable, whether age through youth, mental health difficulties, drug abuse or general deprivation”.

“They are often the unfortunate members of our society that the defendant preyed upon for the purpose of his own sexual gratification and for the purpose of making money,” the judge said.

Judge Lynch revealed that when one of the victims became pregnant, Haney not only made her work as a prostitute, but also used her pregnancy as a “selling point” for clients.

The court heard how Haney was in charge of the advertisement, using photographs taken of women. He used to hold every woman responsible, pick up the phone and make arrangements to meet.

To repeatedly lure women into using multiple names and profiles to increase business and profit, he leads them to appointments with clients on both sides of the border, where they have unprotected sex with multiple men in one night. Were.

He would also take them to his house in Dromore to have sex with clients, where he filmed them without their knowledge.

Last week, Stephen Herron, the director of the Public Prosecution Service, said he would review the case to return it to the Court of Appeals on the grounds that the sentence was too short.

After being denied bail, Haney is returned to Maghberry Prison, to appear before the courts again in four weeks’ time.