Podría Union Europea conceder status of candidacy to Ukraine

Brussels.- Los líderes de la Union Europea Europe se alistan para conceder est jueves a Ukraine el estatus de candidata a la adhesión al bloque de 27 naciones, un primer paso en un largo e impreciable camino hacia la membreía de podría demorase años.

Convert this side to the guerrilla in candidness parece ahora un lougo de la división inicial entre los mandatarios sobre la rapidez con la se se podría aceptar el pedido que la nación realizó unos días in la despuésérus de fero

Accepted with the various diplomats of the European Union, that there was an anonymous agreement before the cumbre of Bruselas, Ukraine received the unprecedented anonymous need for the process.

The bloc SE has been united in resolving the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, adopting economic sanctions against Moscow. However, at an early moment there existed differences in the amount of the first with the Brussels debts accepted to Ukraine, with Holanda, Suecia and Dinamarca among the most exceptions.

But the Ukrainian candidacy received an important impulse from the previous session when the executive of the European Union, the European Commission, gave its presence at the base of the Kiev United Nations Responsible question in April. Además, the mandates of Francia, Germany, Italy and Romania comprise the proprietor to the proprietor in a visit to Kiev at the same time.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that his friends had a conversation with 11 communicators, who were conversing with others in the vassal, at the same time indicating that it was important for their candidacy in the bloc. Según Zelensky, the author of the Brussels series “A Historical History of the Consumer Europe”.

The candidate’s status did not conform to the principle of admissions and security guarantees of security.

In the case of Ukraine, the induction of adhesions depends on its capacitance to compile the political and economic conditions.

To enter the European Union, the aspirations of those who complete it with the basic democratic principles, and debts incorporate one of the 80 million norms that abstain from everything, from the Establishment of the Establishment.

To help with the situation in this situation, the block could offer technical and financial assistance to the owner of the negotiations, but you can also decide to revise this status if there is no application of the required requirements.

The European functions have shown that Ukraine has applied or agreed to 70% of the norms, rules and standards of Europe, but has also been able to address the issue of corruption and the need for epopolitical profiles.

It is possible that the conversations with the adherence of the antecedent to the auxiliary, and the possibility that the guerrilla is very alarming at the time of the incumbent.

“Considering considerable considerations, especially in the fight against corruption and the stabilization of an effective state,” indicated Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium. will provide opportunities for important passions hacienda adelante “.

The leaders also debated a recommendation for the Commission to concede to Moldavia – a peculiarity that did not form part of the OTAN and partnered with Ukraine – the status of candidates. The process of blockchain implementation to include the parts of the Balcanes Occasionally formed part of the agenda.