Pokémon Go’s new ‘daily adventure sunshine’ will take you on a 15-minute walk – Meczyki.Net

Pokémon Go’s parent company, Niantic, has been very clear over the years that it wants us to “Stupid walks for the sake of our stupid mental health“As the meme goes. This week, the Pokémon Go one”daily adventure sunshine,” which brings you “rare” Pokémon, as long as you’re up to speed. It works like that incense stick that’s been in the game for years, but you get one free one every day, and it only lasts fifteen minutes. Is.

The augmented reality giant wants to advance the “real-world metaverse,” or, games and other apps that bring you into the real world. Pokémon Go already encourages players to hatch eggs, find new Pokémon, and participate in raid battles. But Daily Adventure Incense basically tells players that they can find a rare Pokémon if they take a fifteen-minute walk around the block. This is especially helpful for players who live in rural areas and don’t have the luxury of opening their app to see the many creatures.

Pokémon Go’s definition of “rare” is a bit liberal here, though. Most spawns are fairly average, like bidof, yanma or rattata, but there is one important exception. Some users have reported legendary Pokémon spawn, such as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres’s Gallerian form (so far, after two days of adventurous sunshine, I’m just building my own bidoff army) These legendary spawns are actually relatively rare, and Pokémon can, in fact, run away from your attempt to catch it, except for a few. angry on social media.

But even if you don’t find anything interesting, you still get a cute little graphic to share.

It’s hard to be fully accessible to games like Pokémon Go, which are best played while on the go. Blind and low-vision users already have trouble playing augmented reality games, but the need to go for a fifteen-minute walk can feel alienating for people with disabilities who can’t walk easily, Or (bidof refuse) people infected with the coronavirus, who should not hang out in public places.

But the daily adventure sunshine is only a small part of the big game. As long as this feature doesn’t lock the door to a particular Pokémon, it shouldn’t be too controversial—though, so far, it looks like it’s the only way to get Galerian mythical birds. Then again, Niantic never locks into a specific Pokémon for very long. Do you know what it’s like to travel overseas and stock up on Asia-only Pokémon to trade in, leaving Farfetch and Torcool only for Niantic at the usual events? I do. Therefore, it will come as no surprise if these Pokémon appear in raids and research rewards as soon as possible.

Pokémon Go remains Niantic’s cash cow (or miltanki), generated over $1 billion in revenue last year. But Niantic hasn’t successfully replicated the success of the six-year-old game. Amid a further downturn in the market, Niantic canceled some projects and laid off 8% of its workforce last month.