Police risked their lives to save three children from the fire.

Juarez City Agents from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat assigned the Pointe District Police Station to rescue three children from the blaze and thick smoke without risking their lives.

Municipal elements who carried out the prevention and surveillance responded to a call to Emergency No. 911, where they reported a house fire at the intersection of Oasis de Kerman Street and De La Paz Avenue in Praderas de Los. Of Oasis

Agents immediately approached the property and confirmed that there were minor children inside, which is why they went through the fire without any hesitation and took the children out of safety, and then started putting out the fire with buckets of water. Neighbors in the sector facilitated.

Within minutes, police were able to contain the blaze as firefighters from the Heroc Fire Department arrived and put out the blaze immediately.

While performing this act of bravery, five officers were burnt in the first degree in different parts of the body, while minors, two of them were 7 years old and one was more than 10 years old.

Eyewitnesses thanked the police officers of P-302 and P-319 for their brave work, including the warrant officer in charge of the agents, Vector Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza, Ivan Esperza Valle, Alejandro Santiago Garcia, Jesus Caballero Caballero, MC Monica Iris Sosa. Thank you. Thanks to their immediate intervention, they escaped a tragedy, thus, preventing the fire from spreading and destroying the property of the neighbors.

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