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1. On the way out! Pan deputy, Richard BlondeChallenges President of Congress Board of Directors Hector Diaz Polanco, From Morena, to discuss “under the rostrum”, because, as he argued, he allowed Morena members to exceed the time limit to present their points, while the opposition had one minute. Extending presentation is not allowed for. Chairman of the Board of Directors, get out of here, and discuss with a servant about the realistic use of the platform! I challenge you, President, we are tired of going to the top to oppose it! He shouted. Blonde. Apparently, it angered Morena’s bench, which was ready to go to another level. Don’t overheat, better, more rules and less provocation.

2. Open the key US Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salzar.It was reported that the resources of the ineffective Merida Initiative would continue, although, yes, there would be greater coordination with the Mexican government. “We’ve learned a lot and we’ve invested in a lot of things. Looking ahead, this money is going on, now we’re seeing where it’s going, but we’re going to do it together with the Mexican government. The war on drugs The agreement was signed in Mexico during the visit of the US Secretary of State. Anthony’s eyelidsThe two-year annual understanding provides continuity to the efforts of both nations. Bilateral cooperation at its highest level in years.

3. Trust. Has strength in his hands. Claudia Schenbaum., Head of Government of Mexico City. He rejected the suspension of metro service after the National Union of Workers of the collective transport system threatened. He assured that the collective bargaining talks with Metro workers would reach an agreement and there would be no impact on the service. The announcement of a trade union strike on Thursday 14 is “normal” in the context of wage negotiations. “We’re about to reach an agreement. I’m sure,” he said after Aztalko’s work tour, where he provided housing assistance. No need to worry.

Four Suicide contracts. In addition to the agreements reached during the visit of senior US officials to Mexico, Adam Augusto LopezThe Home Secretary called for a strategy to create safer communities Alejandro Murcas.In charge of national security in the United States, he stressed that the new agreement should address the causes of insecurity. The Merida Initiative, promoted by the former president, was shut down. Philip Calderon., The architect of the so-called war on drug trafficking, which led to a huge spiral of criminal violence that still shakes the country. The head of Segub is involved in rebuilding the country he left behind.

5. Insufficient Born in 1989, the Aztec Sun, which has been adopted since the founding of the PRD, will cease to shine before the end of the year, as part of the party’s reorganization, to become a new social democratic force. Will go PRD is in a dilemma: change its logo and name. It has launched a study to determine a new image from various consultations, and will also launch groups working with the militancy to clarify what the new political institution will be. Stephanie Santiago.A new symbol and party formation is already under discussion, said the national secretary of political communications at the PRD’s CEN. Effect Alexandra Barrels placeholder image. Sent them on canvas. Getting up will cost more than you can imagine.

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