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1. No delays. If what is urgent is to balance the boat of the economy, it is important to get started. Victoria Rodriguez Ceja, an honest, competent and respected official, was proposed by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to become the first female governor of the Bank of Mexico. It is extremely important to note the principles with which it will be handled. Fight inflation, stay out of international reserves and continue a new season of great success from the central bank. Victoria Rodriguez has earned the President’s confidence and will continue to work in her role as a public official once her appointment is approved by the Senate, which will, incidentally, do so via fast track.

2. There are favorites. Morena’s searchers are heating up their engines in Tamaulipas. The definition of the candidate for governor in the June 5, 2022 election, and Mario Delgado placeholder image, a national leader, offered that the appointment will take place through the respective survey, and various opinion polls are conducted and give new figures. Demoscopía Digital has conducted a survey with the four Morena applicants who will participate in the internal consultation. And it’s no surprise: Rodolfo González Valderrama reached 35% of preferences, the senator Americo Villarreal28.6%; Maki ortiz, native to Reynosa, almost 16%, and Olga Sosa, very far, by 2 percent. And they said that the welfare superdelegation would not reach it, but its long history has it with a clear advantage.

3. Actual development. In a historic event and as a result of the call for the governor Mauricio Vila to the mayors and mayors of Yucatán, the 106 municipalities in the state already have their municipal institute for women, an achievement that makes Yucatán the only unit in the country where all its boundaries have an instance of this type, which contributes to prevention, care, punishment and eradication of sexual violence. What is the news about the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women? When you are aware of everything and you are struggling to improve the situation, success is inertia.

Four. Plan B. The head of the union’s overall audit, David Colmenares, song planted to the deputies of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Commission, headed by the deputy of PAN Juan Carlos Romero Hicks. At the last minute, the head of the ASF legislators informed that he could not attend the meeting scheduled for yesterday afternoon. At the beginning of the work, the President of the Commission reported that the Management Board had been informed that the Head of ASF was having difficulty attending the meeting. Beehives He proposed a virtual meeting, but was rejected. Sure, they could not soil him at will or put on the frivolous opposition shows.

5. Bills. Deputies from Morena and PT announced that the governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, will in the coming days present a report on the administration of the state submitted by his predecessor, Silvano Aureoles and that it will show a “serious loss” to the unit’s finances. With this information, the legislators, members of the Together We Make History coalition, indicated that they were analyzing to present in the Chamber of Deputies a request for supreme court against Aureoler “For the responsibility it could have for the damage to the state,” said Michoacán’s deputy Hirepan Maya Martinez. In the next chapter: anomalies in the areas of security, health and well-being in the state. It will be fine.

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