Pope calls for pro-environmental ‘immediate laws’

ROME, ITA – Pope Francis called for “immediate, wise and fair laws” on the environment when he met with members of parliament at the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26) in Rome yesterday.

“We owe it to the youth, to future generations who deserve all our commitment to survival and hope, and for that we need urgent, wise and just laws that overcome many of the narrow barriers of the political environment,” he said. Remove. “

This is to reach a reasonable consensus “as soon as possible” that provides “reliable and transparent means” in the fight against climate emergency.

Italy has convened an international parliamentary session this week to prepare for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held in the British city of Glasgow from 1 to 12 November.

Frances told parliamentarians that “protecting our common home” includes not only “approving negative practices, but, above all, encouraging progress and new paths.”

In this regard, he asked that the parliamentary work for the Glasgow Summit be “illuminated by two important signals: that of responsibility and of solidarity.”

The pope said that everything needed to move forward was in the “transition to a more comprehensive and comprehensive development model” and that its impact on the labor front should be taken into account.


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