Pregnancy and childbirth.

October 11 is International Girls’ Day, dedicated to highlighting gender and age discrimination against millions of girls around the world. Some of the priority issues of attention are educational backwardness, sexuality, child marriage, trafficking and sexual slavery, child pregnancy, etc. This is the last topic I want to dwell on.

What do we mean when we talk about newborn pregnancy? Newborn pregnancies are considered to be for girls between the ages of 10 and 14 who continue to conceive due to circumstances beyond their control until they become mothers. Age is crucial because it is the trait that sets them apart from teenage pregnancy (15-19 years).

Taking care of girls’ mothers, recognizing the problem and tackling its causes is to avoid marginalization, stigma and poverty which they condemn. Among the main reasons that explain child pregnancy are sexual violence, early union,
The sale and exchange of girls and the beginning of early and unaware sex life. All of these factors are written in the context of economic, social, and gender inequalities that accompany cultural beliefs about lawlessness and motherhood.
Perfect breeding ground for
Promoting early pregnancy

Forced motherhood is a complex social problem that involves systematic violations of various human rights and has recognizable consequences. It immediately affects the health of the pregnant girl, her biological ignorance is seriously compromised. The girl is not physically or psychologically ready to face the process of pregnancy, childbirth and infancy, so there is a higher risk of fetal and maternal illness. On the other hand, in a mediated way, their life plan will be affected because pregnancy and childbirth are themselves barriers to their personal, social and educational development. The child’s mother is less likely to complete her education, thus limiting her professional development and income.

In addition, due to a lack of information and a lack of recognition of the sexual and reproductive rights of the child population, stereotypes about strengthening gender roles and motherhood can be considered an integral part of women. This forces them to perform post-care tasks that we know are complex and require a lot of attention. Thus, in these circumstances, it is not uncommon for girls to use unwanted motherhood and live with their aggressors.

Pregnancy is usually a product of rape. It is not uncommon for girls under the age of 14 to deliberately decide to have sex. On the contrary, they are the product of forced or fraudulent sex. It highlights the lack of consent of minors and has no power to resist, allowing the commission to commit crimes of rape or rape.

Sexual abuse against girls seems to be commonplace. She is even allowed to “correct” it with marriage. Unfortunately, the general climate of violence against women makes sexual violence against girls possible with complete forgiveness. This is because, in addition to the inactivity of the state, society tolerates attacks on minors within the family. It is no coincidence that most of the abuses of girls are committed by relatives, neighbors and acquaintances, all those who enjoy the confidence of a minor and have a moral obligation to protect him. There is no one more painful than protecting someone from being victimized.

Unfortunately, the potential increase in child sexual abuse and assault in our country has led to a sharp increase in incarceration, which has led to the COVID-19 epidemic. And what has been done to change this situation? Unfortunately the answer is not encouraging.

Although we legally have a national and local regulatory framework that includes the highest standards of protection for girls’ human rights, stubborn reality invalidates legal efforts when we conflict with factual statistics. Does. Pregnancy of girls under the age of 15 in Mexico “(UNFPA, September 27, 2021)

Therefore, it is a priority that girls are only girls and for that their protection should be strengthened through the principles and public policies that make the basic possible: security, access to quality education and health. There must also be a guarantee that minors do not become mothers against their will, through comprehensive sex education that recognizes and promotes girls’ sexual and reproductive rights. Finally, it is important to call mothers, fathers and caregivers to provide non-violent areas, not consent, and to expose crimes of sexual violence at home or at school.

The author is the director of the IDH Academy’s Center for Civil and Political Rights.

This text is part of the Vanguardia and IDH Academy Human Rights Project.


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