Pregnant woman who went to Crete got stuck for eight weeks after the baby arrived early

A pregnant woman who had left for a ‘babymoon’ before the birth of her first child was stuck in Greece – following the early arrival of her daughter. Robin Bishop, 29, flew to Crete in April 2022 with partner Stephen Howe, 32, for a luxurious stay at the five-star adults-only resort.

The mother-to-be was 29 weeks pregnant at the time, and her doctor had declared her fit to fly. But, just two days after landing in Greece, Robin’s waters broke and the shocked new mom welcomed baby Flora six weeks earlier.

Then the family was stuck – with the child being declared premature by their insurance company to fly. The trio finally returned to the UK last week via a medical repatriation flight and are now hoping to start life properly as a family.

But mental health nurse Robyn, who lives in Northampton with boyfriend Stephen, said: “I’m deeply hurt by the whole experience. I’m a first time mom with a premature baby and we were stuck there in another country. Help me, it’s been so difficult.

“We were calling the insurance company seven times a day, just trying to find a way back to the UK. We were desperate to go home. I’m just so relieved that Flora is here safe and sound. There was no chance I could have PCOS so easily having kids naturally, so she’s definitely my miracle baby girl!

“I’m so glad he’s finally here. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive — and it turns out, neither is he!”

With their first child on June 24, Robin and Stephen, who are directors of a painting and decorating company, flew on a ‘babymoon’ in Greece. While a honeymoon allows newlyweds to enjoy alone time after marriage, a babymoon is for expectant parents to spend quality time together before the birth of a new baby.

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Robin said: “We actually booked our vacation before we got pregnant and then decided to use it as a babymoon because I’d still be safe to fly. We’re in awe of the idea of ​​having a baby and the realities of it.” were struggling with.

“We were very rocky as a relationship and hoped for a while, just the two of us, would give us a chance to reconnect before the arrival of our baby, without the stress of life.”

Robin visited her doctor in April 2022, where she was declared fit to fly and departed five days later on April 17 with Stephen. The peace of their last vacation without the child was soon broken, however, when Robin’s waters broke, she sat down. In a chair on the balcony of a hotel room on the second day of his visit.

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She was taken by ambulance to the Venizelio Hospital in Heraklion, where medical workers administered medication to stop contractions and prevent premature labor. Despite the doctor’s efforts to delay the birth, Robin and Stephen were in no mood to wait and baby Flora was born a few weeks later on May 13 via caesarean.

With her original plan to give birth at her local hospital in Northampton, Robin found the experience of giving birth to her baby six weeks premature in another country extremely difficult and painful. Robin said: “Nobody spoke English and they weren’t explaining what they were doing so I was just pouring drugs into me without knowing what drug it was.

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“After the C-section, I didn’t have a baby. I didn’t see Flora for two days, and then only saw her once a week. I was in the hospital for four weeks and we only saw her four times and allowed Went to touch her twice. It was terrible.”

After being discharged from hospital last month, Robin, Stephen and baby Flora were stuck in Greece and struggling to make their way back to the UK. Robin claims that her medical insurance company, Mayday, originally stated that Flora was unfit to fly prematurely due to her arrival six weeks earlier.

The new mother claims Mayday offered an ambulance to take her back to the UK, but says doctors advised against the four-day visit with the premature baby. The family was trapped in Greece for eight weeks and had to change housing four times, spending £5,000 on finding a place to live.

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Dad Stephen said: “It’s been such a difficult journey. The medical insurance company was making the financial decisions that they were above the health of our baby.

“They were doing everything they could to keep us there instead of paying for our medical repatriation home which is on our policy and for which we paid!”

Robin said: “I’m so hurt by the whole experience. I have PTSD from everything that’s happened and I’m so scared of the pain every time I have to change my dressing.

“I am a first time mother with a premature baby and we were stuck in another country without any help, it was very difficult.

“Only time will tell how this will leave us – we are still going through this and both have experienced their respective sorrows. We are still learning how to communicate and share these experiences.”

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Thankfully, Meade managed to put the family on a medical repatriation flight last week and now they are finally back on British soil. Ahead of the flight, a spokesperson for Staysure Insurance, which uses Mayday as its global support company for customers, said: “Our priority is to make sure Baby Flora gets the best care possible, which is why We are in close contact with our medical team, and hospital doctors on the ground to discuss the safest way to get the family back to the UK.

“Various options were explored, including transfer by road ambulance with a specialized medical team, however, despite doctors declaring Baby Flora fit to go home on a commercial flight, our 24/7 global support company Mayday overruled the decision and has instead arranged for her transfer by air ambulance, to ensure the safest and most comfortable home journey for all of them.

“We are pleased to say that an air ambulance is scheduled tomorrow morning [June 8] for repatriation. The family has been contacted for final arrangements and we look forward to welcoming them home. Staysure always strives to deliver the best travel insurance so that our customers can travel with confidence, knowing that we are there for them when they need us.”

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Though still grappling with the trauma of their rocky start to family life, Robin and Stephen are happy to be back and settling down at home with Flora. Robin said: “Honestly the trip was a dream.

“The ambulance crew came to the apartment and checked her vital signs to make sure she was fit to fly. They went through her birth, her subsequent treatment, and some questions about my pregnancy, and then They put him in the pod and in the ambulance.

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“We were put in a taxi and we all went to the consulate to get his passport. From there, we went to the airport and went straight through the security of the crew to the plane. The paramedics were unreliable and instructed us to leave if We could sleep in and they would handle any feed/nappies. It just took four hours and we were in Luton.

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“Flora slept perfectly, only awake for a feed. She was hooked up to a heart rate monitor where they tracked her O2 levels and tied into a comfy pod. When we landed, she Went in the ambulance and we got in the taxi to my mom’s address where we were all finally reunited with family!

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“I’m just so relieved that Flora is safe and sound here. While I certainly suffer from some postpartum depression, it was unlikely that I could easily have children naturally due to PCOS, so She is definitely my miracle baby girl!

“I’m so glad he’s finally here. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive — and it turns out, neither is he!”

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