‘Premian’ to Altán Redes with more than 20 years for sanir deudas y finanzas – Meczyki

Altán Redes tends to be too busy for 40 daysIn addition to the 20 original origins, those who were allowed to keep up with two decadas to take care of their deodos for more than 30 million million pesos (4,283 million UDIS heads) with the mayor, tranquilized the transcendence. For the goblins and their inversionists with a financing of 388.1 million dollars, a fair deal for the telecommunications operators who do not want to miss out on their messages, advocates of the sector.

The martes, certified by the Federal Institution of Telecommunications (IFT) extension the extension of the contract of the Public-Private Association (APP) was made in 2017 with the introduction of the Public Promotional and Telecommunication Authority. Altán dé vida a la Red Compartida por 40 años en lugar de los 20 originales.

Además, the regulator of the organization of the resettlement of the empire, which was found to be primarily for the goblins, was informed that the Mexican bank would be the number one in the administration of the affairs of the country.

The company collects more than 30 million pesos with firms like HuaweiAxtel, Morgan Stanley, Megacable, Hansam y China M Foundxico Found.

Gerardo Flores, a member of the Institute of Telecommunications (IDET), said that decisions made by the IFT in the wake of the operation could not be influenced by the government, regardless of the privilege of privilege. Viola the principle of competing competition is stable in the treaty between Mexico, United States and Canada (T-MEC).

“Alternative benefits to Altán in the perjury of the mobile phone operators may have violated the T-MEC, generating a problem when it does not exist. I think the mediators who are trying to get the mediums to take the panorama of the Altán Redes operative ”, advises.

Agreed that, in the case of the Federal Sea, the principal controller of a telecommunications operator, as is the case with Altán Redes, It is possible that the organ regulator of the telecommunications, the IFT, would be neutral and autonomous.

From the 388.1 million dollars that Altán received, the Mexican bank of desalrollo with the aval del gobierno, for example a credit for 161 million dollars, it is said, 41 because of the recurrence of their recurrence59. Proofs that cost 166.6 million dollars, 50.5 Million Dollars Provided by Activists and 10 Million Dollars by its Clients.

Economy is not perfect

Respectfully, the Secretariat of the Economy that the financially available part of Bancomext did not accept the contents contained in the T-MEC, due to which el gobierno mexicano garantiza que actuará con imparcialidadConsidering the capabilities prevailing in the chapter 18 Telecommunications of TEC-MEC.

“The capability is stable that the state should be allowed to take a more favorable course to some of the telecommunications providers, or public or private.

“The latter, with the objection of guaranteeing that all the contenders of the mercado will meet the requirements of the equivalent, and that the utility of some kind of venture will be allowed to allow the reliable accusations that are allowed to be accepted by the accusers , and that the utilization of some kind of venture that allows stable accusations that completes the elixirs that competitors or impedes restrictions placed between the merchant ”, gives the dependence on a prince’s communication.

Jorge Moreno, specializing in telecommunications, agrees that the IFT’s approach to financing the Altán Redes contributes to the empire’s ability to comply with its objectives.

“This is what the IFT is doing to the Visto Bueno to the corporate altions of Altán, so as to validate the form in which it is consistent with its compliance with APP. años y podrá sanear sus finanzas con Mayor tranquilidad ”, explicó.

Hast Ahura, Altán has the meta of offering the service of Red Compartida to 70 because of the Mexican publicity in November 2022; 85 per cent in the year 2027 and 92.2 per cent in the year 2028, which implements the inclusive implementation of its promise to take the Internet to all the final sex in 2024.

The specialist in the sector, Jorge Moreno agreed that the search for certeza and clarity was given to the invertebrates about a project that is rentable; without embarking, advising that the extension debe ester supeditada a que la firma cumpla con sus obligaciones de connectivity.

“The empire should be compliant that it has been compiled with its original obligations, which is due to connectivity to 92.2 for the purpose of 2028; The regulator is on its own ”, considering the specialization in telecommunications.

For the moment, Altán ya debería haber compiled with its constituent obligation to take the Internet to 92.2 because of the publicity.