Prensa vencida – Meczyki

This semana se cumplen 50 años de que estaló el escándalo Water gate. A doomsday for Maanana, a group of interested fugitives in the National Committee of the Democrat Party. Installed microphones ocultus and photographic documents of the presidential campaign of George McGovern.

Two young reporters The Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, appreciating the judicial indictment and, because of the other mediums pertaining to the case, all the revelations that this is about the operation of the espionage, has always been espionage. The public opinion was obliged by the Congress to create a special commission and, in its absence, the resignation was announced by Richard Nixon.

Even after his successor, the gente quedó with the impressions that the legislators and the juices made him impress the ley and that the princess must have been compliant with her powerful and goblins.

Finding Gallup shows more than 72% of the public confession in the princess. The book “All the Homs of the President” (with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman) published public figures to the investigators. With the descriptions of emulators, miles of ideal lins from inscribed in the periodic schools. The periods of elevated sueldos and the dead amplifiers liberated their reporters to continue long months with stories that might reveal abuses of power.

The entourage for acá, la confianza en la prince se esfumó. Apenas 36% le concede credibility. Qué pasó?

For one thing, the politicians are looking for a solution to the problem of the periodists. We see how Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter often exhibited their ineptitude at the beginning of the diaries, the sigiantes of Presidents treating the amiable with the presidential principle. Ronald Reagan was the first to celebrate his day. George H. W. Bush SE aseguraba de que los alimentaran bien durante los vuelos en el avión presidencial. From Bill Clinton to Pasba Horas Platicondo Con Elvis de Temas Intersendants. George W. Bush los invitaba el fin de semana a su rancho. Barack Obama will play basketball.

Even a public meeting or a concert for the aspirants to the Casa Blanca rejoice as they feel their independence, regardless of their location and conversion.

For example, when George W. Bush ordered that, in a few days, the public tribute of his public works, he would read a letter with phrases that embodied the main message of his discourse (“empires and” imports “,”), the photos no se fueron con la finta. The day is not clear in the first place the plan of the mandala with the esolgan atrás de él, but a photo in contrapicada in which he only saw the roster of the orador. On the other hand, controlling the messengers, Bush instructs that even though the mammara with the misma frases, but a lot of repetition often leaves a little more chic. The photoperiodists who think that the President will do something to get rid of the fondue.

Todo Cambio

Get the first television by cable. To compete with the traditional channels, eliminating the conductors and the protagonists of the reporters (in programs like “Crossfire” of CNN). On the other hand, the narrator is the one who has opinions. In the data and hacks, puros adjetivos. The top Fox News reporters are from Plano Militants.

Entrepreneurial programs (Talk shows), like Oprah Winfrey) died giving a confessional culture, in the details of the personal life of the politicians who were more important than they were. Like the great “investigation” to discover the treatment of bots that led John Kerry to get rid of the arrowheads.

The redheads socialize on the new generation generosity to find the fuents that coincide with their vista points and refuse their preferences (confirmation). This will accelerate the polarization and push the traditional mediums to compete against an incredible incredible mentality and conspiratorial theories.

Without educating and criticizing – which is beyond the proliferation of information opportunities, the most mediocre objectives and implications – the period of investigation, rigorous and professional is desirable.