Preparation of the IP aumento de violetia en la entidad

چیہواہوا.2 The Presidents of Coparmex Chihuahua, Index and Desec, manifested their precautionary measures for the augmentation of the Violence of Climate in various parts of the entity, especially in the Homicido doloso, and urging the free state statisti festn fest. ”

Entered by Separatist, Román Rivvas and Sergio Mendoza. café esfuerto esfuerto esfuerno. ”Con la que busca contener este tipo de crímen.

“Matar a dos sacerdotes es el colmo de los colmos; ni modo que echen la gulakar de que era unko conflicto del narco, cuando los pobres andan evangelizando y ayudando a la gente más necesitada”, Dijo Sergio Mendoza, President de Desarrollo Econ Chihuahua State

Understand that this is the implication of impunity; “There was a lot of talk about the state of ‘Pero ¿cuál??’

The President of the Declaration that the problem is even greater and of all the countries, as much as it is difficult to eliminate “and if the federal administration does not have its cards in the ascent, now it is or will be,” he said.

On his own, Salvador Carrejo, President of Coparmex Chihuahua, said that with a lot of preoccupation with the augmentation in the climate of Violence and the Homicido dolosos that he was already showing his creativity to the larvae and anchovies.

Urgent to the state and federal authorities that conjure up excuses, energies and resources for attending this grave situation.

“This situation is inviting everyone to the state and ultimately is a reflection of the fall of a strategy by part of the federal Gobierno in the counterattack of this type of crisis”, affirmed.

In a communicative way, the Coparmex Chihuahua named the Gobierno of the Estado and the Federación hagan lo necesario, at the marquee of its constituent faculties, to devalue the security and the pas a chihuahuences.

“This is a total discovery, this is a grave situation that is true in the state of Chihuahua and in all the countries, and there is no effective strategy against organized crime, not the state of Gobierno, the state of Federno. There are delicacies that last in our society, like in others ”, indicating the empirical organization.

In this sense, it is clear that in the mediation that the President of Mexico is really defending ideas and contradictory phrases, like the “abrasions, no balasos”

Record that the national ambassadors were overwhelmed by the 120-mile barrage in which the actual administration, due to the lack of coordination between entes de gobierno la responsibón de la los. que va de la responsable hasta la consignación en su primera fase.

On his own, the President of the Index-Chihuahua, Roman Rivas said that he was preoccupied with the Chihuahua as the ascendants of the Cerocahuis, the Sucidis in the Ciudad de Deno’s It is known that the Gobierno of Estado has a great deal of planeism and the disgust of the Violence generated by the delicacies of the groups, and the logs at the moment in the city of Chihuahua, but this fue for the plane of inquiry.

Indicates that everyone needs to be a member of society, because even then it is responsible for the security and no one can “hack the vista gorda”.

Explain that “there is a lot of confusion about the federal strategy, but because of this, there are no abrasions and no balazos, there is no positive, when there is a conflict with the fudel that is a factor,” he said. with discourses, but there is no haciendo absolutely not ”, reclama.

The President of the Index-Chihuahua, who, with this policy, has made an invitation to the crime organized to create more, while leaving the federal government at the doorstep.