Present queja por falta del luquido

Ciudad Juárez.- The critical situation created by the barricades of Ejido Barreales because of the potential of the fallacy, which was presented to a person before the Commission of the State of Derechos Humanos (CEDH) for the violation of its counter-control.

These are the months that the people of Ejido Ubicado in the municipality of Guadalupe have this problem without the Junta Rural de Agua and Saneamiento, which depends on the Junta Central, resolving the government by other mechanisms.

Residents were so impressed that they spent six months without contact with the service, without embargoing, the receipts always accompanied by the misfortune of the Cubic metros consumidus.

This applies to the families of a double gastro or who should be looking for some of their proprietary mediums, or that the distribution of agua in pipa is insufficient, especially in this temporada de calor, dijo Lidia Insurriaga, resident of the sector.

Sin ban, no one in Barreales has this problem. Residents of the mosques of El Millón and Tres Jacales, who corresponded to the municipality of Juárez, asserted that there was an immediate problem with the suspension of the government of Agua, as well as residents of the fractional real destabilizing fractionation.

Los afekado fueron acompañados por el Collecte de Defensa del Río Bravo y también acudió José Luis Castillo, father of Esmeralda Castillo Rincón, despearecida el 19 de mayo 2009.

Eduardo Sáenz, the first visitor to the CEDH, said that he attended two groups.

“Due to the excuse of agua and present a secret that we are analyzing. The Junta Rural depend on the Junta Central and we have to keep in touch with them, it is part of the investigation that we take a cabo”, explicó.

The National Commission of Human Rights exposes that “the human rights of the agua is indispensable to live dignifiedly and is the prevailing condition for the realization of other human rights. This is because the agua should be treated fundamentally as a social and cultural, and not just as an economic ”.

This paragraph contains six articles of Article 4 of the Constitution, which in 2012 raised a range of constitutional human rights to agua and saneamiento, a lara dice: Toda persona tiene derecho al accuso, disposición y saneamientnto de susaneamientnto de susimemento de personal constitution, Acceptable and asequible. The Estate guarantees the bases, aids and modalities for the accusation and its equivalents of the resources, stabilizing the participation of the federacieden. lasatiióniidas la participación la consecución de dichos criminal.

The fine del pasado mes de meo, la Junta Central de Agua y Saneamiento informó a Meczyki que se licitó la reposión del pozo de agua en Barreales y que la obra consiste en la rehabilitación del equipo electric.

It will prove to be responsive to the internal equipments, sustains the totality of the cables and keeps the new equipments, consisting of the subconscious, the condensate of the maneuver.

In the case of the residents of the city of Ciudad Juárez, Sáenz said that he was in touch with the authorities of the Junta Municipal to deal with the problem and regulate the prisons in the same way. for .

The demand for agua potá está haciendo crisis en la frontera, por que que el derechohumanista conminó a la población a hacer un uso responsable del agua en aquellas partes de la ciudad donde se cuenta con el servicio.