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At the end of the adventures in the new world, the principal ryego that actually encounters the global economic and national entity is constantly controlling the pandemic of COVID-19 and of the new olas and caps of the virus that surges.

Because, it will determine many aspects of its operation, as is the custom of production and distribution of vacancies and the development of new treatments.

Existence of the rebate of contagions and new interrupts in the Continuing Economic Activity in 2021 and the end of 2022.

The Centers for Control of Information (CDC, for its Siglas in English) reported that the Delta variant represented 83 or more of the ancient cases of Coronavirus in the United States, because of the 50 per cent feeling that Joannes, in Mexico to the men of 52 years who have not received the vacancy.

Some parts of Europe have recently added new recipes, and there are many activities.

Everybody is incredibly inclined to believe that the present is turbulent in the mercados of the financiers and that they are in the capital, the perceptions of the past. Anterior columna, que es el comimenzo del retiro de las iniecciones de liquidez por parte gobierno en la economía.

In this context, a mayor volatility and instability in the mercados financiers will be able to retrieve the economic recourse or, inclusively, provoke new contraceptions in the new activity.

La mayor volatilidad y aversión al rygo a su vez podrían generator ajustes adicionales en los portafolios hacia activas de menor riesgo lo que implicaía salidas de capitales des pííes emergentes e el fortalecimiento del dlar.

In Asia, where the Covid antenna that sometimes disappears, has been exploited or conceived in the latest estimates in the economy.

The Banco Asiático de Desarrollo (BAD) reduced the economic growth of India from 2021 to 10 per cent, leaving 11 per cent projected in April, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic virus.

With respect to China, the mismatch of Banco, is expected to extend from 8.1 per cent in 2021 and 5.5 per cent in 2022.

On the other side of Asia, the BAD shows that the economic prospects for the subcontinent have been undertaken by the newcomers to the COVID-19 that will affect the submarine of March 2021.

If Norteamérica continually loses contagions to algae, securing the analysts to augment the increasing expectations, without which it will negatively impact the mercados, which is extremely volatile in the lows.

This is amazing, as there is a great regulation that is constantly evolving to invert, reduce the media’s diversification, and include financing instruments that rendered the sea or the mayor a la inflación.

L Dow Jones was observed at 12.76 a year later, LS&P 500 song 15.10, 12.5 to 2021.

In Mexico, the index of precautions and citations (IPC) of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores acumula in 2021 an advance of 11.78 per cent.

For the last time these ultimate options conlevan un decidedado riesgo because they have to analyze the strategies and the options.

For now, the redemption of the bonuses from the German 10-year-old Ubica in (-0.41) for the moment, ۔ In United States, the redemption of the bonuses of Tesoro at 10 years is 1.21 per cent. In Mexico the rendition of the bonuses M a 10 años se ubica en una tasa de 6.88 por ciento.

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