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An inside view of Sunday. Jets-Falcons Week 5 Matchup. At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium:

Marquee matchup.

Jets QB Zack Wilson vs. Falcons Defense Coordinator Dan Pace.

Wilson played his best game last week, throwing for two touchdowns and making two throws of 50 yards or more. He showed the talent that made him the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. Now, do it again.

The Falcons have more points than any other team entering the NFL in Week 5, they don’t have a lot of stars on this side of the ball, and their staff shouldn’t scare the jets. But Paes has 47 years of coaching experience and could confuse the young quarterback.

Jets coach Robert Saleh said Wilson has done everything he can to increase his work against the Titans this week.

“I think it’s extraordinary, it’s action,” Saleh said. “He takes the good with the bad and vice versa, and he always tries to find ways to get better. So, he’s had a great week of practice. He’s, again, every week, his. The emphasis is on foot work, eyes, growth; foot work, eyes, growth. And as long as he can live with it, he will continue to get better. Off-schedule things that we’ve seen, you’re not really something. He can teach what he just does, he does it naturally, naturally, but the work of the feet, the eyes to move forward, that’s where he’s going to get better.

Costello’s call.

It is difficult to detect. Neither team is good. The Jets are coming out victorious. The game is in London. I think the Jets’ defense is for Clinker, especially a game last week that featured 100 Titans plays. Matt Ryan found them.

Falcons 33, Jet 17.

Quinn Williams.
Quinn Williams and the Jets will face the Falcons in London on Sunday.

4 ups and downs

Give me courageJets did not score a point in the first quarter of this season. They have been beaten 55-10 in the first half. Because of this he played from behind most of the season. They took their first lead of the season against the Titans in the third quarter last week. The Jets are talking about starting fast.

“You never want to play from behind,” said quarterback Zack Wilson. You need to be able to keep fighting. So, you can look at it both ways. But of course you preach it, we want to start fast, we want to come out from the beginning and tell them what kind of team we have.

The target is missing.: Jets have got an incredible run of injury luck with their opponents. The Falcons would be without the well-known receiver Calvin Ridley, who is out for personal reasons. They will miss the Russell Gauge (ankle). Last week, the Titans did not have receivers AJ Brown or Julio Jones. Two weeks ago, the Broncos were without top receiver Jerry JD. Can Jets take advantage of No Ridley?

“We can see the grouping of a few different people, not really affecting our game plan. It came too late. Things are already there,” said coach Robert Saleh. “As far as the game is concerned, these are the things you will talk about in the next two days. But Ridley is a football player.

Stock Exchange II: The Jets’ defensive line has emerged as the team’s best unit. He managed seven sacks against the Titans last week and is getting support from many different players. Quinnen Williams (3.5), John Franklin-Myers (3) and Bryce Huff (2) all have more than one sack.

“It’s just a product of what we can be,” Williams said. “As we want to be and in the right direction we are going as a defensive line, usually as a defense in creating pressure, in throwing it and getting quarterbacks from things like that. You can see that a lot of chemistry is getting along with our defensive line.

Crafty Cordarelle: The Falcons may be missing the receivers, but their secret weapon this season has been Cordrell Petersen, who is using them to run back and wide receivers. Patterson has scored five touchdowns this year – four receipts and one rush.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Jeffs Birch, the jets’ defense coordinator. “Yeah, he’s standing in line, maybe, running backwards more than any other position, but still, he’s sometimes on the hard end, he’s on the wide receiver sometimes. He’s definitely his. Looking for lots of interesting, unique, creative ways to use the skill. He is tall and he is fast and he is physical and he plays hard. That will be a big challenge.


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