PRI is going, it is going …

President Lopez Obrador’s power reform initiative split the PRI in two.

The dilemmas raised by the President are either Cardinasta, Nationalist and Revolutionary PRI (also with Lopez Matthews) or they are Salinista PRI, Technocrat, Neo-Liberal and Corrupt, who once had everything in the great game. Are

PRI deputies now have nominal power, Alejandro. Elito Moreno sends two hands, formal leader and federal deputy Robin Moreira manages the Tricolor herd, his wife Carolina Vigiano is secretary general of the Austrian CEN.

That was a couple of days ago. Elito He transferred the structure of liaison with the legislature and other party representatives. The victims were near a PRI bench in the Senate, beginning with Miguel Osorio Chong. The threads of power that were snatched from him warn how Plutarch shifted to the center of gravity of the party founded by Elias Calles.

Power reform was the main means for AMLO to put PRI on the ropes. Your help in the House of Representatives is essential. President Lopez Obrador insisted that there was no bargaining chip, but a reflection of the public good.

Speculation about Elito And with the company Morena and allies approving constitutional reforms, Campe’s public account investigation will be light or intensive if it derails the presidential aspiration, just one of many speculations that the parties’ views and ideologies Delete In favor of pragmatism that runs away from the criminal circle.

The governor of the tricolor, the third leg of a table, is about to fall, standing in line with the national palace and demanding reflection from his rulers, never saying no, never saying no. At the same time, popular representatives who do not go out to attend a single interview, it will be for something.

In the state islands of San Lazaro and the parliamentary part, it has been reiterated that despite calls, calm or stern calls from their so far allied pan and PRD, there will be a PRI Moore that will go to the Mexican Alliance. Threatens to dissolve Either it is electoral and legislative or it is not, insists Blue Pastor George Romero.

PRI members, who do not appear in the media, I will insist on something, they declare that nothing or no one is pressuring them. They push themselves. They make hats, forums change scenes. The discussion forums that make them realize after seven years that the Peñista power reform, which many of them have promoted and praised, is a disaster, a good new one.

However, there is another PRI in the Senate. One of the 12 apostles who does not deny the passage of his recent past and therefore rejects reform from now on, before the Senate takes action. First it was Claudia Ruiz Messi and then Osorio Chong. They do not go to them, the kind of long queues that are ready to be drawn from the autonomous FGR that are consistently in accordance with the will of the President, the people of PRI do not call PRI-Mor.

The political dynamics that are already clear and strong winners are President Lopez Obrador. If the PRI surrenders in front of the lower house, the now terrifying opposition alliance will be a laughing stock in 2024.

If the PRI in one instance approves Lopez Obrador’s power reform and otherwise rejects it, the party will be a blueprint for itself. Morena will absorb the vestiges and interests that drive federal harmony, and some tricolor governors will embrace the power of the national palace when their terms expire.

Then the president must have changed the party which saw him being born in one wing more than the party he formed. If the PRI miraculously rejects the reforms and assumes the things that come through audits and financial investigations, the president will avoid all future worries about real reforms in the energy network. Battles in production, transmission and rates will be the fault of PRI salinistas.

If approved, he would electrify any sign of a competitive alliance for his successor. All that remains is for him to dictate to those around him who is emerging as his candidate. Tamper with the sparks that jump when diplomats and operators are called for their praise, whether they are with me or not.


Author: Meczyki

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