Problems in China, financial problems of politics and related issues

Many great actors from the Central Bank will reunite at the end of the day, and the reunion of the Federal Reserve of the United States of America from the 21st to the 22nd of September will include the list of obligations to visit: months ago, and the precautions to consummate aumentaron to his ritmo more lento en seis mesas.

Different functions say that the reduction of the Fed’s esteemed pandemic is such a thing, that an opinion from the President of the Fed, Jerome Powell, could be echoed, considering that there is a lack of agreement.

The Bank of Japan, which also refers to martes and mercenaries, maintains a stable politics, but is very likely to advertise about the recent developments for the sake of exporting debts to the government.

The confirmation that a central bank is important is a testament to the simple fact that it is very important for the merchants to engage effectively. In June, the Central Bank of Norway converted to the first of its kind in the suburbs of Tasas from the Pandemia, possibly raising its Tasa Principal Deal 0 to 0.25 per cent.

It is possible that the Inglaterra Bankco changed its policy, but with the cremation of the consummation in a maximum of 9 months ago, the merchants were still having a need for a tip on the prick of the Mayo. The English bank can be seen in the reunion of the Jews if they think that the inflection is transitory or no.

We will hear from the reluctant: we do not expect Suiza to reduce its balance or raise the tassas, the more bajas of the world, so much despair of the demons. The protocol that Suecia manages to bring down the masses in 0 hasta 2024, but the political monetary policy of the Martians could not reflect a reflection of the inflection of the fuertes lectures.

Janet Yellen urges the Congress to consider the unity of the United States.

The Secretariat of the United States of America, Janet Yellen, one of the most outspoken proposals on the New Testament of the United States of America, urging the Congress not to discuss the matter, could provoke the debate on this issue. hablando del primer incomplimento de deuda de EU en la historia. In a cartoon written by God and destined for the Congress, they commented that in a few moments of October, they were waiting for the term to be dissolved, because it was necessary to make a decision before it was possible.

Problems in China: Evergrande

For the first time, the merchant would like to help the promoter of the immobile Chino Evergrande, which has numerous problems of liquidity, without paying more than 120 million dollars in bonuses, which has a maximum of 55 dollars, which is a small amount. .million million with more than 1,300 downloads in China and more than $ 300 million million passers-by are the worst they’ve ever had.

China has established a state of efficiency, with emerging ventures in apartments and participatory ventures in its commercial exterior, but with little excitement. I think if you enter into a broken collapse, a collaborative management, the most probable, a resentment of goblins, the ryego of contagion is in the fox.

The Evergrande accusations that cotizan in Hong Kong have been lost since the 80’s are still there; The end of the delays in alto rendering chino se encountered in a 17-month period.

The latter is affecting the Mexican peso and the power of the tenor mayors pardidas lo que impactará en las deudas en dalares de los corporativos regiomontanos.

Important indications about PMI

The gestures of compassion, an economic indicator and a sense of urgency, are very much in the history of the protagonists, but the lectures of the septuagenarian. After all, PMI is the most important of the alchemists of this country.

The Delta COVID-19 variant, the cuelos of the bottle of the official cabinets and the modern costumes of the insomniacs have been appearing in the PMI in the last few months. The PMI fabrication of the Euro zone IHS market, for example, has already taken place from 61.4 to 63 in July, and it is expected that there will be more than 60.5.

An Index PMI Global Composto de JPMorgan estaba at 52.6 ago, six points for debit the most historical histories in Mayo. These sayings contained salutary lectures, for the March of the 50s, apart from the creation of the contraction, because of the central banquets that rehearse in the praxis we probably do not have any motivations for precautionary measures.

Canadians and their electives

The first Canadian minister, Justin Trudeau, assisted by convincing election expectations, but his opinion indicates that he could be unproductive.

Before the vote of the lunes, the liberators of Trudeau are practically united with the conservators of the opposition, which augmentation of the possibility that no part could be formed without a gobiernoestable minor.

The perspective of a point that obstructs the response of Ottawa to COVID-19 is very important: the Canadian dollar has been reduced to 1 per cent since Trudeau convinced us to accept the mediation attachment program. of three seasons.

The incumbent politics also has a lot in common, that is why the elections of 26 September in Germany are possibly conducive to prolonged conversations.

Important macroeconomic indicators

The lunes cell of the livelihood of the NAHB of the EU, in which the conscience is that which is unique at 75, will have an impression of 75 years ago. China has an otoño mediados festival.

The Martians, due to the creation of the EU will have to pay 1.61 million, while the living creatures will cost 1.58 million. The data from the living units in the United States all went down, even though they were not destroyed. FedEx, AutoZone and Adobe informan ganancias.

The micorcoles, the operators of the world may have an inspection on the Tassas of Popular Bank of China (PBoC). It also has a tip from the Bank of Japan (BoJ). There has to be a decision on the Fed’s testimonials, to find the things, in the political monetary terminal. We consider the new conjunction of the Economic Prosecutions of the Fed to be reunited. Paul has a prince.

In June, the PMI manufacturing market for the euro zone will be 62. The PMI manufacturing market for the EU will be 62.5. The English Bank (BoE) has its decision on tips. Costco and Rite Aid report reports.

Elsewhere, the PMI manufacturer of Jibun Bank of Japan will be looking at the late 52.7. The new viviendas sold in EU Deberían are looking for more than 700 miles for the first time.

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